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It iz the turkey weekend and I am ecstatic to throw a turkey dinner at my place this year. The first plan was to attend an invite to a Thanksgiving dinner from a friend, but my bf thought it's a better idea to throw our own. The idea is great, but I wasn't up for making/roasting my own turkey. Let's get serious now!

After giving it some thoughts, I decided to cater the turkey and their necessary sides dishes from Boston Market. They have a catering packages that covers the holiday season for parties between 6-12 people. The package comes with an 11 lbs pre-cooked whole turkey, mash potato, gravy and stuffing. All ordered online and picked up by the store at noon on Thursday. After I picked up the food, I started cooking the other two side dishes that I want to make on my own - Green Bean Casserole and Baked Mac & Cheese. Where else can we get the best recipe other than the Food Network website? Hehe..  Here's the two recipes that I used for the Green Bean Casserole and Mac & Cheese. 

After the two sides were baked all the way, I had to put the Turkey for another 1.5 hours to get it fully cooked. By 4 pm we had the turkey out from the oven and rest it for another 20 minutes to cool down and ready to be carved.

This Green Bean Casserole was a big HIT!

Finally , one of our friend came with a home-made Pumpkin Pie which was perfect for dessert.

The ladies..

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! I am thankful for everything that I have today.. including the love of my friends, family, and everything else that I have physically and of course last but not least, my health. What are you guys thankful of?  

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