Food for thoughts at MoMa

You know this saying about stop eating as soon as you're full? This is a good advice when you know exactly when you're done/full with your meal. Me on the other side, I grew up in a family culture where you have to finish your plate at all times. Leaving food on your plate is equal to wasting food and my parents would always remind me on how the less fortunate people would work hard for food even to those homeless who don't have any! As a result, I don't really know when I'm done with my food until there's nothing left on my plate. It's this mind set that I have to finish my food.

This behavior leads me to my interest to home cooking rather than eating out. Why? The majority of restaurants in this country served this crazy portion in one seating. It's almost like the restaurant dictate the size of your meal. I always try to come to a restaurant with a dish in mind beforehand. Most restaurants these days have their menu online for you to check out before going in. That way, I don't spend too much time in the restaurant deciding on what to order.

But I also wanted to bring up the "over-persistent-super nice" servers who persistently persuade you to order an appetizer to "start" things off. They asked and you said "NO", then they say "are you sure? we have this new amazing bal bla bla with bla bla bla on top of bla bla bla". Then you said "that sounds amazing, let's order that!"
When the appetizer comes to the table, you realized that the dish can actually substitute your whole meal all together. By the time the entrĂ©e comes, you're already more than half way full which leads to overeating and feeling stuffed after the whole ordeal.

Then we come to the dessert chaos where the server come with this "dummy" samples of 5-6 desserts on a huge tray on your table taking about a good 5 minutes to explain the details of each desserts. Are you crazy?
Solutions - if I know this particular restaurants have amazing desserts, I would only order a salad or share a meal with another person. That way I don't overeat.

All and all, unless you go to the snitzy fancy expensive restaurant, you should definitely re-think the portion of your meal from the menu. I'm still trying to figure out how to overcome this because I have a hard time to leave food on my plate. The current solution is giving the leftovers to my bf. The boy eats everything.

I hope I made my point, otherwise here are some pics of some of the food I had in MoMa on my birthday.
I thought these were the perfect lunch menu - flavor and portion wise.

Btw, the restaurant changes the menu all the time so I dont remember any of the names - LOL!

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