New Addition: UNIQLO Military Jacket

Hello everyone, hope you all had a marvelous weekend! A quick update, I went to NY over the weekend to see my baby nephew (second time) and did a little bit of shopping with Kazusa. I've been searching for a light parka jacket with a military style / theme / color for quite sometime. For a while, I found a few but not quite the right one. Either the length was shorter than I wanted, or the pockets were not in the right places, or collar is too large so on and so forth. However, after I saw this picture from one of my fave fashion blog fash-n-chips, I was like, ok this is the jacket I want. It literally have everything I want - the length, the hoodie (in case for a rainy day), the pockets, and the light cotton material and color. The price is under $100 range so this is very reasonable. I'm like DIE!! I WANT THIS JACKET NOW!


But of course I soon came to realize the jacket comes from UNIQLO which unfairly do not have online shopping in the US! See below "UNIQLO USA does not offer e-COMMERCE at this time." Come on UNIQLO! are you kidding me?


Which led to the idea of "I have to go to NYC for this jacket before it's gone!". Luck was on my side, my friends were planning to go to NYC for a day trip to see the auto show so I decided to tag along.

Since it was only a day trip, the 3 main goals on this trip are 1. Get the jacket from Uniqlo, 2. Meet and hang out with Kazusa, and 3. See my baby nephew! And I'm happy that we did all three within half a day just in time to go back to DE without crazy rush (well kinda towards the end since we're trying to catch a shuttle back to NJ - we're almost late!)

Here's the jacket ^_^


I can wear this jacket with almost anything.. just to throw over casual dress, or a top as a cover up for those cooler evenings now throughout the Summer.. :) Happy camper!

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redwhitebride said...

CUTE! Love yunikuro :)

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