Spices In DC

So last night I was in DC with my cousin and her bf to spend out labor day weekend - we decided to break our fast at this restaurant down in Connecticut Ave. called Spices I wish I had taken pictures of the food and place, but I guess we were too hungry, but overall the food is awesome esp. the Aged Tangerine Peel Beef - AWESOME!





What defines a good moisturizer?

In the past year, I've been so loyal to Clinique face cream; that is for its Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (for night) and Superdefense SPF 25 (for day). But recession kicks in, and let's be serious now, I can't spend $45 a pot for a moisturizer.

So, in recent weeks, I had been suggested by my aunt who's a dermatologist, to try out this Vichy Oligo 25 (the green one for normal - combination skin) for $26 a jar. I've been using it for a week and they're great. For a comparison with the Clinique creams I've used the Vichy have a very similar consistency, it smells good, and it sinks right in the skin, no greasy feeling. Though the instruction said it can be a good make up base, the only thing i wish they have an SPF version of this cream, wait, I think they do. But now I'm settling down with the Neutrogena Visibly Firm Face Lotion SPF 20 for $18.

So far, I'm pretty satisfied with the new adjustment - not too bad for half the price. :)

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