MAC Studio Moisture Tint

Per my previous post, I mentioned that I had downgraded my daily moisturizer from Clinique to Vichy. I love the consistency of Vichy face cream. The cream sinks right in and it gives me a nice base to apply my MAC Studio Fix. But after I go through my first pot, it didn't give me enough results as it claims to have in the packaging. I didnt see any improvement on my "dull skin". Nothing. So in the past week, I was on another hunt for a good day time moisturizer - preferably with an SPF also. My search ends today, as I purchase a tinted moisturizer from MAC in Medium Dark.

For $29.50 I thought I would give this guy a try. The lady in the MAC store did put this on my face and I kinda like the finish. After the light application, it almost gives me the option to apply my Studio Fix for a heavier coverage or skip that and go straight to my MAC Loose Powder for a lighter coverage.
I'm planning to post another review after 2-3 weeks of use just to see how it react to my skin.

Holiday Party

November and December are my favorite time of the year. Apart of the fact that my birthday is in December - i love the holiday season because it gives people reasons to dressed up for many occasions. This year me and several other friends are planning on a holiday dinner party at Hotel Dupont. So today I was trying to put together an outfit for the occasion.

I thought the color of the dress really represent the rich color of the holiday season even though it doesn't scream red and green but the blue/purple resembles bejeweled color tone that i like to wear for the holidays.

The ankle boots I got from nine west for a steal - $50 - this gives the dress a little flair instead of a normal heels/pumps.

New Moon

New Moon madness had arrived - I was so excited to be part of it even though I didnt get to see the movie until Saturday morning. but at least I had fulfilled my promise to watch it on the premiere weekend. Highlights of the movie is of course the appearance of Jacob. Check him out below:

Well hello there...

Feeling Blue

Very busy lately - work and everything else.
I was cleaning up my closet today and found an unworn blue dress that I bought months ago. I tried it on and decided to try on some make up to go with the dress.. Not too shabby..

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