Moving Packing

While everyone else is enjoying their spring breaks, I am currently busy in the process of packing to move to a new apartment – we plan to move out in 4 weeks. To come and to think of it, I had moved 3 times in the past 3 years. That means we practically move every single year including this upcoming one.

Though I wasn’t too excited at first for this move because, I honestly thought that I had landed to a nice apartment to kinda settle in. But things changed, one of my two roommates had to leave to move in with her bf or soon to be fiancee which is understandable. So we are downsizing to a 2-bedroom next month.

The beauty of moving to a new place is that , it forces you to get organize and sort out the “junk” that had compiled in the past year. Trash trash trash!
Also, you’re able to re-do everything from scratch. New bedroom decoration, new bathroom accessories, new kitchen appliances, new living room furniture which are very exciting. This means I would have a legit excuse for another shopping trip to IKEA!

Though I am always attached to all the things I owned, this time, I will be donating a lot of my clothes, shoes, handbags that I don’t use and have not been used. And since I’m such a beauty product/make-up junkie… I have a good amount of unused products sitting in my closet that needs to be thrown out. New attitude for 2010. Let’s eliminate the junk and keep only the precious items. I have learned – Less is more! 

White Tail Ski Resort

So yes, Spring is almost here, I can feel it. Temperature is getting warmer and the heat of the sun melted all the snow from the nasty blizzards. Though I'm not one of those crazy girls who wears flip flops to the mall at this time, I started to decrease layering of my clothes since the past weekend. Bye bye long johns! Hello FLATS!

But, winter won't feel complete until we show some ski/snowboarding trip, YES?

So 2 weeks ago, within such a short notice we decided to take a not-so-quick trip to White Tail Ski Resort which was a little bit over 2.5 hours drive from the Delaware Valley. The weather was perfect - 40s during the day with lots of sun - watch out that goggles!

Some visual souvenirs

Awis and Danur

On the Lift

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