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Before I post my monthly update on the wedding prep, I wanted to share some stuff surrounding wedding photographer. Fiancee and I went through several photographers for quite sometimes and finally made peace and settled to one that we thought suits us the most. Both fiancee and I are very picky when it comes to "still documentation" - we look at everything (tone, composition, style, & lighting).

Here are the steps and tips we took to find the right photographer for our wedding:

  • Know what you like or don't like. At the beginning of the photog search, I have no idea what I want from the photog, but fortunately I do know what I dont like, so it kinda helped me filter out the photogs that fits that criteria.

  • Look through their portfolio several times. Most of the time their website will have a "wow" factor which makes you feel "oh yeah this is the one" every single time. But be cautious and don't make hasty decisions. Relook.

  • Email them for their price list. Once you're comfortable with their portfolio, contact them for their catalog or price list. I honestly dislike wasting time, so if I know the photog is way out of budget, then I would cross it out and look for another.

  • Meet-up. When the price is right, check if your wedding date is still available with the photog and schedule for a meet-up. Meeting the photographer is the most important part prior to settling. You need to get the chemistry with the photog whether he/she understands what you want and what is expected to be delivered from the photographer.

  • Negotiate. Often times, photographers are open to negotiation on a case by case basis. In my case, I requested custom quotation from them since the packages that they offer on the catalog don't fit what I need.

After thorough and endless research we finally narrow down to these four of our favorite photographers below:



Bernardo Pictura


Lumia Wedding


David Christover


If any of you would like their catalog and price list for their service packages, please feel free to comment/email me.



Wedding Inspiration

Hello lovies,

I wanted to share several list of INSTAGRAM accounts I followed for my wedding preparations. You know, I am not the girl who had planned their wedding since they're 5. And at some point in time, I just get stuck in the moment. So these IG wedding accounts really helped me to revive my mood and to look for inspirations.

  • @thebridedept (local)

  • @thebridestory (local)

  • @myweddingprep (local)

  • @thebridebestfriend (local)

  • @bridetobelux (international)

  • @weddingplus (international)

  • @impression_bridal (international)

  • @brides_blog (international)

  • @greenweddingshoes (international)

For the local ones, they're also a good source for you to look for wedding vendors because they usually curate their favorites and will mention the IG account of the vendors within the caption.

photo 4 (2) photo 2 (1) photo 3photo 1

Hope these helps!


Sari Soepono

-5M Wedding Update

We started preparing the wedding ever since fiancee and I decided to commit ourselves to each other. Obviously, our parents wanted everything traditional Javanese for our wedding like everything everything. (read: 2 day event).

So what does Traditional Javanese wedding concept entails:

  1. The endless symbolic ceremonies

  2. Javanese wedding outfits

  3. Javanese traditional music

  4. Invite everyone you know in your life. Literally.

Well, you get the point.

Fiancee and I spent a good amount of time of our adolescent and young adulthood (10 years) abroad which translates all that mentioned above as frightening. We want to remember our day to be fun and special, which is far from what the idea of a Traditional Javanese wedding (at least in my thinking). After a long back and forth conversation and negotiation with the parents, I think we came into a good middle ground to balance the concept into a Modern Javanese Wedding.


  1. A DJ will partake the music for the reception with the music of our choice

  2. Our javanese wedding outfits will have a modern flair to resemble a black tux and a white gown

  3. I will have my own make-up artist of my choice working tandem with the traditional javanese "dukun manten"

  4. Dance floor. Yes, we will have a dance floor

  5. Few other twists that is still work in progress

Before we jumped into the wedding stats, I just wanted to say that the one thing that you need to define before ANYTHING else related in your wedding is BUDGET. Without it, you're blind and paralyzed because you have no idea how much you're able to spend on anything. With my experience, we wanted to start early surveying venues, but we missed the budget part which then made it difficult to book a venue.

I'm pretty happy with where we are right now, although there still a list down to the to-do list but I think we did pretty good. With a few inevitable meltdowns along the way here are the list of the wedding stats.

The Great:

  1. Invitations – Designs are submitted, waiting for the mock-up to finish. Need to submit the updated map to the venue.

  2. Bridesmaids – Fabrics are bought for 12 bridesmaids to be tailored.

  3. Photographer – After a long search and reading reviews we came back and settle to our first photographer that we picked. Done.

  4. Videographer - Vendor found - will meet next week and hopefully secure the contract then.

  5. Pre-wedding / Engagement Photos - Will do photoshoot this weekend in Bali.

  6. Venue – Done, although have not done food tasting yet.

  7. Wedding Shoes – Shoes for the I Do's arrived safely from NY and another pair for the Reception is ordered and should be finished next week.

  8. Hair and Makeup – I have two separate companies who will be responsible for my FACE. The first is with the "dukun manten" for the traditional hair and head arrangements and second is the Make-up Artist who will put make-up on my face. Both are booked, but still need to schedule a trial-makeup prior to the big day.

  9. Wedding Outfit – For the I Do's ceremony Fiancee and I agreed to rent the complete outfit for both of us. Paid down payment - need final fitting (alterations) in Jan/Feb.

  10. Reception Outfit – Selected a beautiful ivory french lace fabric to be tailored. Kebaya design sketch has been drawn by the tailor - will have my first fitting in Dec.

  11. Midodaren Outfit - Received a beautiful gold prada lace fabric from future Mom in Law which will be tailored by the same tailor who will make my reception outfit.

  12. Siraman Outfit - Bought a Javanese fabric called "Jumputan" in pastel colors last week. Need to get it tailored.

  13. Music - Hired a DJ - need to put together song mix.

  14. Wedding Car - Antique car provided by Dad

  15. Photobooth - Paid down payment - need to submit design for background and props. We will have unlimited photos on the photobooth to serve as wedding favors.

  16. Decoration - Found a vendor, will sign the contract this week and pay down payment. This includes the decoration for the entire venue + my bridal bouquet and bridesmaids.

  17. MC - Done

The Anxious:

  1. Rings – Reviewed several styles but still havent decided on any particular one yet.

  2. Wedding jewelry – No idea

  3. Hotel – Have idea but still unsure.

  4. Honeymoon – Vague - Fiancee needs to renew his passport this month

  5. Groomsmen – Unsure

  6. Wall of Fame / Photo Gallery - Need to compile, print and curate photos.

  7. Seserahan - Got few items but not much really.

  8. Paperwork / Marriage Permit - No where near.

  9. Wedding Organizer - No idea; I have trust issues

For all the bride-to-be in Jakarta, let me know if you want any info for vendors at this email 3soeponos at gmail dot com or comment down below. Because I'm not planning to reveal the vendors until the big day along with the reviews.


I'm engaged.

photo (3)
So happy to be sharing this news. Now let's the wedding preparation begins!
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