Sunset at Jimbaran

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Last post on my Bali trip is not far off from the waterline. We need to see the sunset by the ocean one way or the other. What is a better way to do this with a feast of grilled fresh seafood? You'll be the judge. We end our trip here and overall we had a fabulous 2 days. Balancing between party and serenity. Until next time!!

Xoxo, Sari Soepono

The Finn's Beach Club Bali

After a crazy night out at the Potato Head, we opt for a slow relaxing day the next day. From a friend's recommendation, we headed to Uluwatu area in the morning and arrived at Finn's Beach Club. It was roughly about 45 minutes car ride from Seminyak.

We weren't sure what we're up to until we realize that we're entering a piece of heaven on earth. Everything was crystal clear and speaking of kodak moment, any angle you look is a picture perfect view. One word: PARADISE.

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Xoxo, Sari Soepono

John Legend Bali at Potato Head Beach Club


*gasping* *choking* *cringing*

Ok, after debating in and out of life, I finally made it to John Legend's show in Potato Head Beach Club Bali. I can't explain it with words but his show was AMAZEBALLS. He came solo without his entourage; practically just him and the piano. It was so romantic and dreamy - it was perfection.

I almost cried when it ended.

The crowd got crazier after the show as the DJs start spinning their tunes throughout the venue. People were dancing and even jumped to the pool for... well let's leave that blank for now. HA!! To make it even crazier, they a had huge huge firework show right on top of us to celebrate our Indonesian Independence Day that very same day. The firework got so big, it blacked-out the venue for like a minute. LOL!

We had such a great time, we didn't want to leave but our feet were calling home and I was glad that we actually made it back to the hotel on foot with no sidewalks at 2.30 AM without any incidents.


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Xoxo, Sari Soepono

Motel Mexicola Seminyak

When I said, I was planning for my next getaway with my friend Di, it really was Bali that I meant on my earlier post. Obviously, Bali becomes rather a quick no-brainer for a short weekend trip.

We came across this cute and interesting Mexican place right next to our hotel in Seminyak - Motel Mexicola. It was quite a decor that urged us to dine in here for our arrival lunch before checking into our hotel. No disappointment but satisfying island-y mixed cocktails and mexican tapas style food. Totally recommending this place to anyone who's in the area.

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xoxo, Sari Soepono

New in: Tom Ford Sunglasses Killer Eyes


I'm so obsessed with my new Tom Ford sunglasses that I picked up not too long ago. I considered this one as my second as I had been abusing my only RayBan Aviator for the past 3 years.


I still love my RayBan Aviator and in fact I almost gotten myself the blue lens aviators from RayBan that is been so in trend this Summer, but when I saw this tortoise baby, I knew I had to have it.

Anything you're obsessing about this Summer?

xoxo, Sari Soepono

Nusa Dua, Bali

Although Bali is such a hot spot for tourism and the "IT" destination for a weekend getaway for the locals (Indonesians), I don't get to go to Bali that often. In fact, the last time I went was about 3-4 years ago where I did all kinds of water sports with my brother. 

We stayed in Legian the last time we were in Bali so I decided to look into a hotel in a different location this time around. After abusing and for weeks, I finally settled with The Westin Resort in Nusa Dua area for 2 nights. To me personally this was the best decision as the Nusa Dua area is secluded and The Westin Resort itself was a more family-oriented place rather than a honey-moon/couple which was perfect since I was there with my Mom.

Overall I was satisfied with everything about this hotel, especially the private beach and their breakfast menu. They elaborate all the healthy meals you can think of in adjunct with the regular international menu in their breakfast buffet line. From fresh juices, gluten-free muffins, to chicken congee, and pancakes - they got it covered. And if you know me well, my favorite meal of the day is breakfast. They got me there.
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xoxo, Sari Soepono
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