John Legend Bali at Potato Head Beach Club


*gasping* *choking* *cringing*

Ok, after debating in and out of life, I finally made it to John Legend's show in Potato Head Beach Club Bali. I can't explain it with words but his show was AMAZEBALLS. He came solo without his entourage; practically just him and the piano. It was so romantic and dreamy - it was perfection.

I almost cried when it ended.

The crowd got crazier after the show as the DJs start spinning their tunes throughout the venue. People were dancing and even jumped to the pool for... well let's leave that blank for now. HA!! To make it even crazier, they a had huge huge firework show right on top of us to celebrate our Indonesian Independence Day that very same day. The firework got so big, it blacked-out the venue for like a minute. LOL!

We had such a great time, we didn't want to leave but our feet were calling home and I was glad that we actually made it back to the hotel on foot with no sidewalks at 2.30 AM without any incidents.


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Xoxo, Sari Soepono

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