Kitchen Introduction

Remember this and this?  My kitchen is rather busy on a day to day basis...  :D
I never tried to do anything too fancy.. but I do what I can to survive..
Some of the dishes I (we) over the week...  :)
Baked Chicken and Red Potatoes w/ Mc Cormick - Original Chicken
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Chicken Drumstick with Lulu's Seasons

Broil cubed cut beef into a large size pot
Add Spices
1 hour later... wallaaaa..
Wait until the next round...

New York I'm in Love

Per my previous post on engagement photos, my cousin Sasti and Reza just finished their photo shoot in New York. They had about 250 raw pictures taken from 4 different locations – MET, Bryant Park, New York Library and Brooklyn Bridge.  Enjoy some of my favorites:

Ice Cream Galore

I'm a big believer on ice cream. When things go wrong or you're feeling blue, ice cream is the cure to happiness.
Back in the days when I used to live with my uncle and aunt, the three of us are big fans of ice cream. We know many ice cream parlor around the area even up in New Jersey and Lancaster, PA. All time favorite that is very close to our area is Woodside Farm Creamery. They're seasonal and only open during the warm season which led to a huge crowd (extremely long line) on those nice day weather. They make the ice cream with their own milk produce from the cows in their farm. Everything is homemade. Delicious.

Sunday Brunch

After a wedding and a night out in Philly last night, what I really need today is a relaxing day.
Sasti and Reza are in town so I decided to take them to a nice brunch at Caffe Gelato.

Tuesday Wings Night

In the past months, my group of friends have been going for this wings special at Buffalo Wild Wings every Tuesday - 50 cents wing night. They come in 14 different sauces and 3-4 seasonal flavor from time to time.
My all time favorites are Parmesan Garlic, Old Bay, and Asian Zing.

Adding some blue cheese and onion rings wouldnt hurt either... YUM!

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world.

Flashy Shiny

Newest addition to my summer sandals collection


{Reaction by Kenneth Cole}

I'm so ready to take the heat :)

Ray Ban Freak

At the beginning of the year I had 2 pairs of sunglasses that I wear interchangeably - one Kenneth Cole and one Ralph Lauren. One got lost few weeks ago and one somehow had deformed its shaped due to my lack of care.

Summer is coming and yesterday I decided to hunt for a good pair of sunglasses and settled on this pretty Aviator:

Also, earlier that day, I went to see my eye doctor to get a yearly eye exam for my poor eyes. Turns out that my prescription had changed and got worsen. So after my sunglasses purchase I thought why not check out Lens Crafter to see some frames. It was my lucky night, they were having a 30% off all frames and that night was the last night of the promotion. My bargain hunter mind comes to play and I just had to pick up something and I did.

So now I am officially a Ray Ban freak - I'm such a dork. I practically owned 2 pairs of Ray Ban's in one night.

Graduation Class of 2010!

My roommates and I are blessed to be able to acquire our MBAs in the past 2 years. Diana had hers first on 2008 and I had mine last year on 2009. This year is Lulu's turn to graduate on her MBA from Goldey-Beacom College. Another step closer to success in life whether that means a better job with a better pay, or a opening new doors to other opportunities.

I absolutely am proud of the three us girls who made it thus far. We all had come a long way to get where we are today. Salute to three strong girls!

{The Three Musketeers}

Congratulations Lu!
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