Ray Ban Freak

At the beginning of the year I had 2 pairs of sunglasses that I wear interchangeably - one Kenneth Cole and one Ralph Lauren. One got lost few weeks ago and one somehow had deformed its shaped due to my lack of care.

Summer is coming and yesterday I decided to hunt for a good pair of sunglasses and settled on this pretty Aviator:

Also, earlier that day, I went to see my eye doctor to get a yearly eye exam for my poor eyes. Turns out that my prescription had changed and got worsen. So after my sunglasses purchase I thought why not check out Lens Crafter to see some frames. It was my lucky night, they were having a 30% off all frames and that night was the last night of the promotion. My bargain hunter mind comes to play and I just had to pick up something and I did.

So now I am officially a Ray Ban freak - I'm such a dork. I practically owned 2 pairs of Ray Ban's in one night.

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