Winter Skin Care Regime

In the past weeks, the weather have been insanely cold. The snow blizzards didnt help either.
My skin is completely dried out.. it hurts.. and note that my skin is naturally tend to be on the oily side... so, I decided to add more moisturizer on my daily regime.

A quick run down:

In the morning, I started by washing my face with Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash

Then, I apply Clinique Clarifying Lotion number 3 for Combo skin to swipe up my dead skin cells

After the toner is completely dry, I apply Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Next, I apply MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 all over my face and neck - this leaves an nice dewy base on my face to apply make up - it evens out skin tone naturally.

And last but not least, I would apply my MAC Studio Fix sparingly to give just a hint more coverage and set my moisturizer in place.

After this step, I'm ready to begin my make-up regime..

In the evenings, I would wash my face and apply the clinique toner, skip the gel moisturizer and apply Loreal Acne Reponse lotion -- third bottle on below. In the past I had used the 3-step system. It works well but I always used up the facial wash and toner first and would still have half a bottle of the acne lotion. The lotion is rather thick so you really don't need much to cover the entire face. And it's really sad that the lotion only comes in this package and not sold separately.


So far, this daily skin care regime has saved my skin from dehydration and oiliness.

Tiesto Concert - Borgata

After shedding words and get over some turbulence, I received my tickets to the upcoming Tiesto's concert in Borgata, Atlantic Cit today. FOR THE WIN!

Though we spent double the issued price - I hope it's all gonna be worth it. Looking at the pictures on his world wide tour on his FB page gives me chills. I can't wait to see him in action. Taking me back to 2006 Ultrafest at the Mansion Miami. One of the best weekend of my life.

So complete the event, I decided to buy another Tiesto T-shirt to lift up my mood even higher. Now, I'm anxious on how the T-shirt is gonna fit on me - still waiting for it in the mail. :) But yeah I'm excited!!

snowy weekend

So I heard there will be a snow storm coming late Friday all the way to Saturday - way to ruin a weekend.. hmm.. another weekend. Yea, we had snow last weekend too! wth?

I guess I have to finish my errands for this week today after work. Gotta make some groceries list and DVD list. I'm tired of the snow.. come on.. it's February for God Sake..

But then this probably a good time to do some house chores, cleaning and organizing. Depending on how bad the snow on Friday, I'm planning to see DEAR JOHN . Channing Tatum is in the house yooo.. If not then I'll be just home, rent couple of DVDs and stay boring. Sigh!

New Layout

Orite, new year, new lay out, how do you like it?

I think it's pretty awesome. First of all it's blue - my favorite color. Second of all, it has more space so I can write more. I added a tag board on the side - this will serve the comments that typically embedded on each post.

The dance classes had started 2 weeks ago - which is great! This is actually my only source of exercise for the past year. BUT, this year, I joined YMCA AGAIN! yes AGAIN! And hopefully, my membership will last longer than the last time and that I actually GO and WORK OUT! I feel so weak lately that I barely can do anything. I feel sleepy and tired constantly. Besides, this leaves me with plenty of time to lose that love handles that I earn over the winter. :P

All in all, I'm excited with my next Balinese dance performance in April. Since taking a long hiatus from Balinese, I gathered my courage to do this once again. The dance itself is called REJANG DEWA. It's a beautiful Balinese dance that usually being performed inside of the temple. Very enchanting!

Wish me luck!

Rejang Dewa Dancers in Bali

Spring, where are you?

To be really honest, I'm getting sick of this cold weather already. I'm tired of the heavy jackets and the layers of clothing that I have to wear on a daily basis. Please spring, don't shy away, we're here to embrace you.

Finally it's official

Today, I finally was able to pick up my MBA diploma.

Yes, it takes more than 4 months for them to handed in to me. What's the delay all about?
Ohhh that's right, they failed to tell me that I had a "Incomplete" grade on my internship back in 2008. Yes, 2008 - two freaking years ago.

Apparently, I had to submit a 3-page long paper describing my past internship in order to receive a "Passed" grade. Wow, I thought I was completely done with school - bragging that I actually graduated from an MBA program. I wasn't. Not until yesterday where I finally turned my "I" grade to "P".

So now, I'm not sure what to do. Should I celebrate it again one more time? I mean, technically, the last time we celebrate I was not legally graduated from school, right? Hahaha, I'm just trying to make excuses to party.. well this is a good one actually.

Anyhoooo, I gotta look for some nice frame to put the diploma on the wall.. another item to put on my list.. tha tha

When you love something, set it free

Do you believe in that phrase? Treat love as a handful of sand inside your palm. When you hold it too tight or too loose, it'll leak out, but if you hold with the right grip and pressure, it'll stay with you.

Keep things simple but interesting. Love shouldn't be work, it should be easy.
Keep things truthful and honest. Love should feel free, it should feel easy.
Keep things true to yourself, keep it real. Love should be considerate, it should be respectful.
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