Black Friday Woot Woot

How's your Black Friday? Did you score on anything good? My Black Friday had always been hard core - such as being in line at Best Buy at 3 am or going to the mall door buster's at 5 am. LOL. I just love the thrill of getting awesome deals! It feels so good like a victory! What did I do for this year's Black Friday? I went to the Philadelphia Premium Outlet! The outlet chain had this event called "Midnight Madness" and yes the name itself describe the circumstances very accurately.

After the turkey dinner, my friends and I left at 10 pm and got there close to 12 am. We did not realized that the majority of the stores were opened for Black Friday sale since 9 pm. The place was jammed packed and parking was almost impossible. People are cursing at each other trying to get a parking spot. It's pretty insane. We spent our time shopping until 5 am and got back around 6 am. It was crazy that there was a line just to get in to the stores, let alone the line to the register. HAHA! But overall it was a great experience, I would do it all over again, maybe come a little bit earlier?


Cole Haan Ballerina Flats
Cole Haan Leather Wallet
J.Crew Heavy Knit Cardigan - 100% Wool
J.Crew Long Sleeve Tops - love the neck details :)

Korean BBQ pt 2

Korean BBQ has been one of my/our favorite restaurant to eat. Since the last time I came to this place here, I had been meaning to try their Bento boxes for a while but was not able to do so since they only serve that during lunches on weekdays. The past week I was fortunate to get my days off from work from Wednesday and have a 5-day weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday. I took advantage of the day off  to go to the restaurant for lunch and tried their Bulgogi Bento box :)

Bulgogi Bento Box


Have you guys discover Forever 21's new line called Love21? I really like this new line because the style is a little bit more sophisticated and the fit is more forgiving than the "regular" trendy and tight fit Forever 21.
I am not a size 2 anymore, so to tell you the truth, it's not uncommon to find things that don't fit right in the junior sections. I had a quick trip to the store last week, and was pretty excited to find the store not as crowded as usual. Not wanting to wait after the holidays,  here's my recent findings from the store:

I was going to show the items in real photos but right now I'm so tired from grocery shopping for tomorrow's feast. Wish me luck guys, my kitchen is very anxious waiting for tomorrow's actions hahaha..

Happy Thanksgiving :) and I hope you'll score big on the Black Friday sale..

Nail it Down

My nails have been screaming paint me paint me... and  I am so excited for my new ESSIE'S collection that I picked up recently at ULTA. Buy 2 get 1 free. Go go go go....


Staying In

What's the best way to spend some indoor time when it's chilly outside? 

Fresh Baked Pizza
Eggnog, Tea and Whiskey

Perhaps, some quality time with good company along with some great food and drinks will do the trick! :)

Into the Blue

Recently, me and my bf went to see one of our very good friend at her new place. She had moved to this new condo for many months but this is actually our first time visiting her there. Later she said that her Mom (from Ecuador) had left me some gifts before she went back to Ecuador since we didn't get a chance to see each other again. I remembered they had invited me to a get-together before her mom left but I was so busy I couldn't make it.  Wanna see the gifts?

Not one, not two, but 5 earrings AND a necklace. They know blue is my favorite color and her mom made them so nicely.. I was out of words.. and yes, she MADE them. I guess Christmas comes early this year for me.. HAHA.. no more jewelery shopping for this year (at least, that's what HE said!). :D


I can't stop raving about MAC Cosmetics. Remember my post here? I was in their store few days ago to pick up my Tinted Moisturizer to only find that the color I need was out. They never ran out of anything unless it's a limited edition items. It was a bummer because I used up my last drop that morning to do my make-up.

But the girl who works there (who I came to know) decided to give me a bunch of samples of the tinted moisturizer. She gave me literally 3 pots ~ (3 to 4 weeks worth of product) and said "I think this will cover you for a week or two until we get those back in stock". I was so freakin happy and relieved because when she said "it's out", I started thinking.. man should I get a different color? Maybe a lighter shade since I'm less tan during the winter? Or should I go back to Sephora get a different brand tinted moisturizer? And really I'm really not up to that since it was a week-day and I just wanted to pick up the damn moisturizer and leave the mall.

So anyways, MAC definitely got another point from me that night. Their generosity really what makes the customers (like me) keep coming back. Viva La MAC!

Thai 2 Go!

Last weekend, I tried this "take-out" Thai place in Roxborough area called Thai 2 Go. We found the menu online here and called up the place for a pick-up order. I ordered Chicken Pad Thai and Thai BBQ Chicken. They are so good!! This is another level of take-out food. Definitely a great option to alternate the typical Chinese take-out.

Brunch at Catherine Rooney's

Catherine Rooney's had opened a new branch in Main Street recently and on Saturday I wanted to gave it a shot for brunch. As we're heading towards Main Street, I was thinking that it'll be nice to eat outside in the patio area since the weather was sunny, unfortunately it wasn't mild enough for them to open the area. Bummer.
All in all, it was a nice brunch - the food and service were great. I will definitely come back for another round.

Today's Special - Cod Cake with Rice Pilaf and Vegetables
McReuban Sandwich

What's Your Halloween Costume?

What are you for Halloween this year?

To say the least, my halloween experience was not as festive as it was last year. Instead of buying a new set of costume, I decided to take my authentic Yukata to dress up as as a Geisha. Nothing is new other than my false eye lashes LOL! The two hair pieces I had was from H&M that I got years ago and a REAL wooden chopstick that I took from my kitchen. :P

I was debating if I wanted to go for the pale Geisha makeup thing, but I thought it was way too much hassle so I decided not to go overboard and keep it "normal". I checked out some YouTube tutorial videos for makeup and hair and wha laaa.. here goes nothing..

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