Black Friday Woot Woot

How's your Black Friday? Did you score on anything good? My Black Friday had always been hard core - such as being in line at Best Buy at 3 am or going to the mall door buster's at 5 am. LOL. I just love the thrill of getting awesome deals! It feels so good like a victory! What did I do for this year's Black Friday? I went to the Philadelphia Premium Outlet! The outlet chain had this event called "Midnight Madness" and yes the name itself describe the circumstances very accurately.

After the turkey dinner, my friends and I left at 10 pm and got there close to 12 am. We did not realized that the majority of the stores were opened for Black Friday sale since 9 pm. The place was jammed packed and parking was almost impossible. People are cursing at each other trying to get a parking spot. It's pretty insane. We spent our time shopping until 5 am and got back around 6 am. It was crazy that there was a line just to get in to the stores, let alone the line to the register. HAHA! But overall it was a great experience, I would do it all over again, maybe come a little bit earlier?


Cole Haan Ballerina Flats
Cole Haan Leather Wallet
J.Crew Heavy Knit Cardigan - 100% Wool
J.Crew Long Sleeve Tops - love the neck details :)

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