I can't stop raving about MAC Cosmetics. Remember my post here? I was in their store few days ago to pick up my Tinted Moisturizer to only find that the color I need was out. They never ran out of anything unless it's a limited edition items. It was a bummer because I used up my last drop that morning to do my make-up.

But the girl who works there (who I came to know) decided to give me a bunch of samples of the tinted moisturizer. She gave me literally 3 pots ~ (3 to 4 weeks worth of product) and said "I think this will cover you for a week or two until we get those back in stock". I was so freakin happy and relieved because when she said "it's out", I started thinking.. man should I get a different color? Maybe a lighter shade since I'm less tan during the winter? Or should I go back to Sephora get a different brand tinted moisturizer? And really I'm really not up to that since it was a week-day and I just wanted to pick up the damn moisturizer and leave the mall.

So anyways, MAC definitely got another point from me that night. Their generosity really what makes the customers (like me) keep coming back. Viva La MAC!

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