In the past weeks, I've been looking for a nice coral-y blush for the summer. And with the new Sephora at the mall screaming so many brand names make-up line, it doest really help me to do the job! I think I came and left the store for 2-3 times empty handed. I kept getting overwhelmed with the variety of products they have and in the end I just forgot what I came there for.

So, forget Sephora, I decided to go back to what I know for years.... MAC. As soon as I came in to the store, this lady (whom I got to know after going to the store so many times) greeted and approached me to help. The nice thing about going to MAC is that I always have this satisfied and easy feeling walking out the store with their products. This is WHY!

1. I know they're make-up experts and not just some random young girls who are hired to sell the products. They know exactly what they have in the product line and what product will work for your skin tone, type and texture as well as the application difficulties.
2. They would take their time trying / showing you the products - most of the time they would apply it to your face to see how you like it. They also TEACH you how to use the product correctly. Also, they never pressure you to buy the product on the spot.
3. Last but not least, they have a 30-day return policy for any reason. Most cases, you realized you don't like the color or the applications. For example, their mineral powder foundation, awesome product but not so much on the packaging and application - personally I think it's messy. Just bring it back and you will get your money back.
4. I love their recycling program. You can bring back any kind of 6 MAC empty make up containers / packaging to the store and you can pick a free lipstick/lipgloss or an eyeshadow of your choice! VAVOOM!

So what did I get from this MAC visit? Obviously, I got my blush! :) In addition, I got this pretty soft color eyeshadow for my summer everyday look to the office. Also, since it's the summer, I got this Tinted Lip Conditioner in pink - I love this product.. it's almost like you're applying your lip balm.. but it has that hint of color.. plus it has SPF 15. Love love love!

1. Sheertone Blush in Peaches
2. Eye Shadow in All That Glitters 
3. Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 in Petting Pink

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