Christmas and Birthday

Many people look forward for the holiday seasons because of their festivities. I myself, is very psyched about the season because my birthday happens to be within the parameter. For those who knows me, I don't celebrate Christmas but due to my birthday I always get presents around this time.

Turning 24 is not something that I look forward to, hence the less festivities on celebrating the big day. Once you hit the 21 benchmark, you feel like you don't want to grow older. There is a reason why the store is called "FOREVER 21".

We talked about this with my friends on several occasions where we thought that our 20s is our prime time of our life. Things happens during this time.
Graduated school, first job, first apartment, first car, marriage, and kids (maybe)?. As the list goes longer, by 24 I pretty much had crossed out most of the items (not the marriage and kid part though). Now what?
Enough about the philosophical theory - this post should be about family, friends, love and presents. From the Secret Santa event that I did with my friends, I got the 5-set Lipglass from MAC, Lady Gaga CD, and a Sony micro memory card for my cell phone.. NOICE. Thanks to Shin and Arthur :)
For my birthday, I got a very nice dinner and a birthday cake from Reza and Sasti. Starbuck gift card from Kazusa. Roses and iTouch from the boy. Amazon gift card and a book from Olivia. I feel loved. Thank you so much guys.

Everyone is wondering what my mom had given me for my birthday. Why? Because she's famous to throw crazy stuff for me.. it's her specialty. So I'll keep you posted on this one because frankly nothing had happened yet.

Next in line is New Years Eve. Big plans? Well, (suck to me be) I still have to work on the 31st (hopefully half day) so, me and the boy decided to pay a visit to Atlantic City that night. We're going to Borgata to spend New Years Eve in the Mixx Club. Several of his buddies are coming as well - the more the merrier. Nothing can beat gambling, awesome food, music and drinks to embrace the New Year..

Anyways, below are some of the pictures surrounding the holiday parties that I had attend in the past weeks. Enjoy the season while it last and I'll see you again next year! Only the best! Cheers!

Reza, Sasti and me @ Sinta's Cocktail Party

The Crew @ Hotel DuPont

Me and Reza celebrating our birthdays at Stanton Social

MAC Studio Moisture Tint

Per my previous post, I mentioned that I had downgraded my daily moisturizer from Clinique to Vichy. I love the consistency of Vichy face cream. The cream sinks right in and it gives me a nice base to apply my MAC Studio Fix. But after I go through my first pot, it didn't give me enough results as it claims to have in the packaging. I didnt see any improvement on my "dull skin". Nothing. So in the past week, I was on another hunt for a good day time moisturizer - preferably with an SPF also. My search ends today, as I purchase a tinted moisturizer from MAC in Medium Dark.

For $29.50 I thought I would give this guy a try. The lady in the MAC store did put this on my face and I kinda like the finish. After the light application, it almost gives me the option to apply my Studio Fix for a heavier coverage or skip that and go straight to my MAC Loose Powder for a lighter coverage.
I'm planning to post another review after 2-3 weeks of use just to see how it react to my skin.

Holiday Party

November and December are my favorite time of the year. Apart of the fact that my birthday is in December - i love the holiday season because it gives people reasons to dressed up for many occasions. This year me and several other friends are planning on a holiday dinner party at Hotel Dupont. So today I was trying to put together an outfit for the occasion.

I thought the color of the dress really represent the rich color of the holiday season even though it doesn't scream red and green but the blue/purple resembles bejeweled color tone that i like to wear for the holidays.

The ankle boots I got from nine west for a steal - $50 - this gives the dress a little flair instead of a normal heels/pumps.

New Moon

New Moon madness had arrived - I was so excited to be part of it even though I didnt get to see the movie until Saturday morning. but at least I had fulfilled my promise to watch it on the premiere weekend. Highlights of the movie is of course the appearance of Jacob. Check him out below:

Well hello there...

Feeling Blue

Very busy lately - work and everything else.
I was cleaning up my closet today and found an unworn blue dress that I bought months ago. I tried it on and decided to try on some make up to go with the dress.. Not too shabby..

Beauty Recession

Like I said on my previous post – recession really takes a huge impact on my beauty regime. As a result I had to downgrade most of my beauty products as well as cut all my impulsive shopping habit. Nowadays I see MALL is a scary place to go. Not knowing what type of damage I might do when I’m surrounded by clothes, shoes, handbags and of course makeup.

And for some weird reasons by NOT SPENDING for quite sometimes, my credit card companies decided to increase my credit limit. I wonder why? Is this some type of encouragement to spend MORE? It’s like “hey I know you don’t have money, but here’s $600 credit line to use and you can pay it back later with a ridiculous amount of interest on top of it”. Let’s all hope I’m not going to fall for that.

On a separate note, Halloween is around the corner. For people who know me, I’m so into Halloween. This is the time of the year when you can let loose and be who you wanted to be without being judged. You can dress as any character – your alter ego perhaps. I really had high hopes for this holiday this year I swear, but my bank account says otherwise that I had to settle with an old costume.
Well me and one of my girlfriends decided to switch last year’s costume and go to a different party this time. LOL. Pictures coming soon.

Going back to recession, the situation has pushed me to prioritize all of my expenses.
It’s very hard but I have no choice.. I can’t have it all.. I had to pick and choose. I really hope that this is temporary because I’m not liking this!!

Hello Tresemme/Aveeno Haircare
Goodbye Redken Haircare

Hello Revlon/Maybelline 
Goodbye Sephora/MAC

Hello Dove - Bodywash
Goodbye Bath & Body Works – Bodywash

Hello Sally Hansen Nail Polish
Goodbye Essie & OPI Nail Polish

Hello Vichy/Neutrogena Skincare
Goodbye Clinique Skincare

In addition to the above, my also had restraint myself on my nail salon trips – I only go there for my eyebrow and start doing my own nails (hands & feet) at home. SIGH!

New York New York

I was in NYC last weekend to meet up with my old friend from high school. I haven't seen her for 7 years.
She's in the country for a-week long vacation so it was so great to see her.
Though the weather was really nasty, we managed to get a good picture taken in front of the Rockefeller Center :)

We didn't really go around town and visit places that we planned due to the rainy weather but we had lunch at this awesome restaurant in Chinatown called CONGEE VILLAGE Oh the food is so good.. this is one of the restaurant I would recommend to anybody for great Chinese cuisine. One of my favorite dish is the Sizzling Hot Plate Short Rib Eye with Black Pepper Sauce. I definitely will go back to this restaurant whenever I'm in town.
Saying I love you for a Mathematician can be rather hard. Here's a way to do it.

Karma Kandara


Indonesia trip was amazing.. We had a short detour and we decided to go to Thailand - Bangkok for a few days and Singapore on the way back to Jakarta. Of course, I didn't miss going to Bali. I just wanted to highlight one place that blew me away from my trip.

Karma Kandara

This is by far one of the most beautiful beach that I ever been. And I'm so blessed that I was able to spend this time with my family. The water is so clear and blue, the sand is so white.. the view is so breathtaking.. We got to the resort around 10 in the morning and took a cable car from a cliff down to the side of the beach. If you ever got a chance to Bali, Karma Kandara is definitely the place you want to go.


Spices In DC

So last night I was in DC with my cousin and her bf to spend out labor day weekend - we decided to break our fast at this restaurant down in Connecticut Ave. called Spices I wish I had taken pictures of the food and place, but I guess we were too hungry, but overall the food is awesome esp. the Aged Tangerine Peel Beef - AWESOME!





What defines a good moisturizer?

In the past year, I've been so loyal to Clinique face cream; that is for its Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (for night) and Superdefense SPF 25 (for day). But recession kicks in, and let's be serious now, I can't spend $45 a pot for a moisturizer.

So, in recent weeks, I had been suggested by my aunt who's a dermatologist, to try out this Vichy Oligo 25 (the green one for normal - combination skin) for $26 a jar. I've been using it for a week and they're great. For a comparison with the Clinique creams I've used the Vichy have a very similar consistency, it smells good, and it sinks right in the skin, no greasy feeling. Though the instruction said it can be a good make up base, the only thing i wish they have an SPF version of this cream, wait, I think they do. But now I'm settling down with the Neutrogena Visibly Firm Face Lotion SPF 20 for $18.

So far, I'm pretty satisfied with the new adjustment - not too bad for half the price. :)


Beef Stew Goulash

Today is the 8th day of Ramadan and it has been better since the first day. MY metabolism system starts to settle to the new routine. For tonight's dinner, I decided to make Beef Stew Goulash. Here goes:


Jeans last forever

Jeans will never go out of style. You can't have too many jeans at one time. They're versatile - if you're smart, you can dress them down and dress them up. The catch is you need to find jeans that "FIT" you well. Forget about the trends, if it fits right, it'll look good on you. Otherwise, you'll look silly and looks like you're trying way too hard to be in trendy.

Remember, trends don't last, but style is forever. I'll probably post couple of pics of my current jeans collection in my closet later. Just wait.

Coming Soon.

8/27/09 - 11.21 AM

Relaxing Weekend

I just noticed today that this blog template do not show the dates on any of the posts. Errr.. not too happy. My quick fix is practically typed in the date and time at the end of my every post manually. It's a hassle but for now it's okay.

Anyways, this weekend is pretty good. I had a nice hang out time with some friends at the local bar - Iron Hill on Friday night. Nothing crazy - it was enough to close the week and begin the weekend in a subtle way.

Saturday, we had brunch at this glorify diner - Lucky Coffee Shop - up in route 202 in Wilmington. I must say, the place is nice - a place that I would come back and dine in again.

{Courtesy of Arthur taking the picture}

Good times.

8/23/09 - 8.44 PM

Embracing the Ramadhan

Ramadhan is here believe it or not. :)
Best wishes for all you my Muslim friends. I hope this month will give you blessing and closeness to God and your family.

8/23/09 - 8:33PM


Ever since I was introduced to Tangysweet Yogurt Bar a year ago in Washington DC through a group of friends in the area, I’ve been somewhat addicted and obsessed with Frozen Yogurt. Not only the taste but the texture and choices of toppings that are fresh and uhmmm “healthier” compared to other desserts. It's a great alternative especially during those summer nights – I would skip desserts in those fancy restaurants and kept the check in tack and go for a frozen yogurt instead.

Within a year, I spotted quite a number of other Fro-Yo joints around the area. But by far, Pinkberry is the tastiest. Now, the thing with Pinkberry is, the frozen yogurt don’t feel like it's frozen – the texture is so smooth and milky. Yogiberry on the other hand, their yogurt felt like icy that it breaks in your mouth – not a good way. Few weeks ago I came back to Pinkberry in New York and tried their “tropical” yogurt with mochi and blueberry toppings. DELISH! This is my favorite as of now. Another place that I would recommend is Iceberry which is located in Georgetown in DC. They’re great also – very close to Pinkberry.

One last joint that I’ve wanted to try but had always changed my mind to Pinkberry is Red Mango. Those two are in a tight competition. Maybe one of these days when I’m in New York, I’ll promise myself to try it. Two other ones I have to try in DC are Sweetgreen and Mr. Yogato -- heard raves about the two places as well.

I’m weeks before my trip to Indonesia and I have heard good things about this yogurt place called Sour Sally in Jakarta. A friend who went to Indonesia over the summer told me that the taste is very close to Pinkberry. Also, they have this donut place that happens to sell frozen yogurt too named J.Co. So the two places are on “must go” place on my list. I will do a follow up post on this when I came back from my trip.

Ahhh so good...

interesting weekend

What an interesting weekend I must say.. final exam, indonesian independence day, buffalo wild wings, washington dc, yogiberry, pinang sushi then bowling night with the girls.. wow! I'm extremely exhausted. I can't even function properly today at work.

Ramadhan will start on Friday; hopefully I'll survived. :) ciao ciao


Saturday will be my last day as a MBA student. How fun is that? HUH!!!.. but before that, tomorrow is DIE TIME.. Project Management exam is awaiting on Saturday at 9 am.

I have a high hope on this blog, not only because this is like the fifth blog that I ever created, I consider this as a milestone that I had achieved in the past 3 years.

So, seat-belt on!! here goes nothing!! :)
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