MAC Studio Moisture Tint

Per my previous post, I mentioned that I had downgraded my daily moisturizer from Clinique to Vichy. I love the consistency of Vichy face cream. The cream sinks right in and it gives me a nice base to apply my MAC Studio Fix. But after I go through my first pot, it didn't give me enough results as it claims to have in the packaging. I didnt see any improvement on my "dull skin". Nothing. So in the past week, I was on another hunt for a good day time moisturizer - preferably with an SPF also. My search ends today, as I purchase a tinted moisturizer from MAC in Medium Dark.

For $29.50 I thought I would give this guy a try. The lady in the MAC store did put this on my face and I kinda like the finish. After the light application, it almost gives me the option to apply my Studio Fix for a heavier coverage or skip that and go straight to my MAC Loose Powder for a lighter coverage.
I'm planning to post another review after 2-3 weeks of use just to see how it react to my skin.

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