Beauty Recession

Like I said on my previous post – recession really takes a huge impact on my beauty regime. As a result I had to downgrade most of my beauty products as well as cut all my impulsive shopping habit. Nowadays I see MALL is a scary place to go. Not knowing what type of damage I might do when I’m surrounded by clothes, shoes, handbags and of course makeup.

And for some weird reasons by NOT SPENDING for quite sometimes, my credit card companies decided to increase my credit limit. I wonder why? Is this some type of encouragement to spend MORE? It’s like “hey I know you don’t have money, but here’s $600 credit line to use and you can pay it back later with a ridiculous amount of interest on top of it”. Let’s all hope I’m not going to fall for that.

On a separate note, Halloween is around the corner. For people who know me, I’m so into Halloween. This is the time of the year when you can let loose and be who you wanted to be without being judged. You can dress as any character – your alter ego perhaps. I really had high hopes for this holiday this year I swear, but my bank account says otherwise that I had to settle with an old costume.
Well me and one of my girlfriends decided to switch last year’s costume and go to a different party this time. LOL. Pictures coming soon.

Going back to recession, the situation has pushed me to prioritize all of my expenses.
It’s very hard but I have no choice.. I can’t have it all.. I had to pick and choose. I really hope that this is temporary because I’m not liking this!!

Hello Tresemme/Aveeno Haircare
Goodbye Redken Haircare

Hello Revlon/Maybelline 
Goodbye Sephora/MAC

Hello Dove - Bodywash
Goodbye Bath & Body Works – Bodywash

Hello Sally Hansen Nail Polish
Goodbye Essie & OPI Nail Polish

Hello Vichy/Neutrogena Skincare
Goodbye Clinique Skincare

In addition to the above, my also had restraint myself on my nail salon trips – I only go there for my eyebrow and start doing my own nails (hands & feet) at home. SIGH!

New York New York

I was in NYC last weekend to meet up with my old friend from high school. I haven't seen her for 7 years.
She's in the country for a-week long vacation so it was so great to see her.
Though the weather was really nasty, we managed to get a good picture taken in front of the Rockefeller Center :)

We didn't really go around town and visit places that we planned due to the rainy weather but we had lunch at this awesome restaurant in Chinatown called CONGEE VILLAGE Oh the food is so good.. this is one of the restaurant I would recommend to anybody for great Chinese cuisine. One of my favorite dish is the Sizzling Hot Plate Short Rib Eye with Black Pepper Sauce. I definitely will go back to this restaurant whenever I'm in town.
Saying I love you for a Mathematician can be rather hard. Here's a way to do it.

Karma Kandara


Indonesia trip was amazing.. We had a short detour and we decided to go to Thailand - Bangkok for a few days and Singapore on the way back to Jakarta. Of course, I didn't miss going to Bali. I just wanted to highlight one place that blew me away from my trip.

Karma Kandara

This is by far one of the most beautiful beach that I ever been. And I'm so blessed that I was able to spend this time with my family. The water is so clear and blue, the sand is so white.. the view is so breathtaking.. We got to the resort around 10 in the morning and took a cable car from a cliff down to the side of the beach. If you ever got a chance to Bali, Karma Kandara is definitely the place you want to go.

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