Closing the Year 2014

Late post as always, I know. As we're getting closer to the end of the year, my brain kinda shuts down and become very uninspired for most of the time. December used to be the best month of the year as it compiles all of my favorite festivities starting from Christmas, my birthday and New Years. But nowadays I'm so pre-occupied with all the wedding to-dos and now that our new house is coming to a finish, my priorities had shifted to ensure that the house is ready to move in after the wedding. It can get very intense and stressful.

For once I had no plans during Christmas (in fact I can't even remember what I did on Christmas). Not to mention my birthday, I wasn't as excited as I usually am where I have gazillion plans in mind. No plans and was not in the mood to celebrate at all. All I wanted to do were these three things on my birthday - 1. go to the salon to get a much needed hair treatment ALONE. 2. watch the new Hobbit movie and 3. go to Informa to buy a dining table. Since it took me the whole day to do all that fiancee had to reschedule my birthday dinner to the next day at Turkuaz.

PicMonkey Collage - 2014

As far as New Year goes, it was still a work day for me in the office on Dec 31st, at least for half a day. We then stopped by at Galeries Lafayette in Pacific Place for two things. 1. is to look for an evening clutch as part of the "seserahan" 2. is to get help in the Lancome counter to fix my foundation color situation. My skin had become super fair ever since I moved in to Jakarta. I think it's because the lifestyle of being indoor all the time. My current Lancome foundation had become way too dark to be worn alone, so I was seeking help from the MUA at Lancome to pick me a new color.

Came back home to rest and get ready for the night. We were all supposed to spend the new years with the rest of the family at the Ritz Carlton that night, but as sun was setting the rain started to fall hard, we ended up curling back under the blanket with movies and all. No one was willing to get out of the house. We ordered in some food for dinner and sleep some more until 11 pm. While all the other neighbors were shooting fireworks non-stop, we were just sitting outside the terrace enjoying the light rain in the back yard sipping a cup of hot Vietnamese coffee to bring our soul back from the power nap. It was a quiet time for both of us to just sit together and feel content for what it is.

A lot in my plate for the next 2 months, but I surely can't wait to end everything with a big wedding party.

Much hope for the better in 2015.


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