New in: Marc for Marc Jacobs

This new baby was love at first sight. When all the other shelves were screaming SALE, I was just so in awe on this simple cross-body purse hanging on the front display. Maybe it’s the turquoise pebbled leather, maybe it’s the clean semi-circle design with a flap opening, or maybe it’s because it was the last purse they have in stock. Whatever it is, I found myself at the check-out register in no time. HAPPY!



Sari Soepono

Bali, again at {Woo Bar}

This one is a bit old but I really want to share photos from this awesome trip with my family back in December. Didn’t do as much as I’d like due to my sprained lower back the day prior to the trip (yeah!), but the trip itself turned out to be rather content on its own. Maybe because the whole family was there; the togetherness sort of balanced out the absence of activities.

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