Christmas and Birthday

Many people look forward for the holiday seasons because of their festivities. I myself, is very psyched about the season because my birthday happens to be within the parameter. For those who knows me, I don't celebrate Christmas but due to my birthday I always get presents around this time.

Turning 24 is not something that I look forward to, hence the less festivities on celebrating the big day. Once you hit the 21 benchmark, you feel like you don't want to grow older. There is a reason why the store is called "FOREVER 21".

We talked about this with my friends on several occasions where we thought that our 20s is our prime time of our life. Things happens during this time.
Graduated school, first job, first apartment, first car, marriage, and kids (maybe)?. As the list goes longer, by 24 I pretty much had crossed out most of the items (not the marriage and kid part though). Now what?
Enough about the philosophical theory - this post should be about family, friends, love and presents. From the Secret Santa event that I did with my friends, I got the 5-set Lipglass from MAC, Lady Gaga CD, and a Sony micro memory card for my cell phone.. NOICE. Thanks to Shin and Arthur :)
For my birthday, I got a very nice dinner and a birthday cake from Reza and Sasti. Starbuck gift card from Kazusa. Roses and iTouch from the boy. Amazon gift card and a book from Olivia. I feel loved. Thank you so much guys.

Everyone is wondering what my mom had given me for my birthday. Why? Because she's famous to throw crazy stuff for me.. it's her specialty. So I'll keep you posted on this one because frankly nothing had happened yet.

Next in line is New Years Eve. Big plans? Well, (suck to me be) I still have to work on the 31st (hopefully half day) so, me and the boy decided to pay a visit to Atlantic City that night. We're going to Borgata to spend New Years Eve in the Mixx Club. Several of his buddies are coming as well - the more the merrier. Nothing can beat gambling, awesome food, music and drinks to embrace the New Year..

Anyways, below are some of the pictures surrounding the holiday parties that I had attend in the past weeks. Enjoy the season while it last and I'll see you again next year! Only the best! Cheers!

Reza, Sasti and me @ Sinta's Cocktail Party

The Crew @ Hotel DuPont

Me and Reza celebrating our birthdays at Stanton Social
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