SS Birthday at Canteen

It's that time around again for birthdays. The month of July is a blessing where the 2 twin Soeponos celebrates their birthday. We had a small get together in Canteen by feasting on our iftaar that evening. The Soeponos girls are back in action!

In the past month, we have been so obsessed with this new cake shop called Colette and Lola. Their cakes are yummy and dreamy. So it's the only right thing to do to order the birthday cake from there. It was divine.
SS Bday10

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xoxo, Sari Soepono

Krabi, Thailand


When I first heard about the name Krabi, all I can think of is an island somewhere in Asia. But really it turns out to be only a-short flight distance away from Jakarta. Located in Thailand, Krabi is (apparently) the top destination for European tourists.

I was in Krabi essentially for a work-related trip a.k.a. Team Building event, but obviously it's stretching it quite far as we had way too much fun. From drinking, to drinking and more drinking throughout the day and night with good food, swimming, and shopping in between. The entire trip lasted for a weekend long from Friday to Sunday. A quick getaway to just have fun with nominal spending. Not too shabby!

We stayed at the Pakasai Resort. Since we came in a big group, we pretty much booked half of the entire property to cater all of us. The rooms were nice but if I have to say, the room settings were more meant for honeymooners/couples rather than being shared with colleagues and friends. The bathrooms we mostly separated by glass where there were no solid doors to block the views. You get the idea.

Other than that, it was such a FUNNNN trip!!



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Okay, I admit I'm guilty as charged. I've been away for too long and I had forgotten what I had started on this blog last year. Shame on me. To my defense, I had been busy jet-setting to our neighboring country for work. I'm not going to get into details about my work life, but my schedule has been cray cray since February. (Noticed that my last post was back in January?). It's a major shift in my life where I got to spend my weekdays there and weekends here in Jakarta. Time consuming and exhausting to say the least where travelling by plane had lost its luxury in my book.

But here's the good news; I feel like I'm passed over the adjusting phase and pretty in sync with this whole jet-setting routine already, therefore, I think I'm ready to revive this blog for the better. I won't promise the moon but I'll try my best to post at least a weekly post. As of now, I'm going to play catch-ups for a while updating the highlights within the past 6 months.

In the meantime, Happy belated Ramadan to all my Muslim friends! We're half way there! Hope ya'll fast just fine.


Sari Soepono
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