Indomie Goreng Special

The Infamous Indonesian Mi Goreng... my way... with beef and scallion dumplings.. HAHA

Served better with ice tea.

Bumbu Bali

I went to my local Asian grocery store nearby my apartment the other day and I found a set of Indonesian instant spices in their shelf. I thought, I'll give one of them a shot. So today, regardless of the heat wave outside (read: 91 degrees) I went ahead with this spicy BUMBU BALI instant spice and tried out the recipe out.

It's very easy, all you need is about 1 lbs of skinless and boneless chicken thighs (cut them into little pieces), few cups of water to broil them in a big pot in a low heat along with the instant spices until it thickened. Serve with white rice. :)

Father's Day Weekend

Despite of the heat this weekend and recovering from my sickness, I was invited to a barbecue for my friend's 10th year anniversary/her husband's birthday/father's day! HAHA! The invitation was for 2:30 pm but it was so hot outside and I just couldn't get bear the heat. We were contemplating whether to go or not. But at about 4 pm, it was just a LITTLE bit cooler and we decided to go even though we know we're LATE.

As we were pulling off the park, I saw other friends who were just arriving.. so I guess we're not thaaat late.. haha.. We came and the pavilion was nicely decorated in white theme and everyone was dressing up in white according to the theme. There was a buffet table full of Famous Dave's BBQ favorites plus some Indonesian Satays of course to complete the menu.

Towards the end of the party, my friend's three very cute kids made a small entertainment to sing a song for their Dad for Father's Day. I was able to get a decent video of them with my new Canon and it turns out great hence the HD feature :) .. It's so cute! Go check it out!

Potato salad, beef briskets, chicken satays and Corona - Perfect!
The kids are getting ready to sing
Gracie with ker America's Next Top Model pose :)
The ICC Girls 


Okay.. so I think I had been underestimating my illness last week and it came full force this week. I was on large dose of antibiotics and dayquil/nyquil on hourly basis. YES! Today, I feel about 85% recovery which is alot better compared to the last few days. I thought, it wouldn't hurt to do a quick update.

1. At the beginning of the month I made a promise to myself to not shop for clothes, bags and shoes (apparel related items). As of today, I broke the rule twice but wisely - I made 2 purchases from Abercrombie and Forever 21 which totaled out to $10 all together on a cute tank and belt (read: sale). I can't justify it further than that.

2. I went to MAC yesterday to pick up some mineral powder and lipstick for my Mom and found out that half of their Beach Limited Collection that I was looking to buy for myself were sold out! -_-'

3. I decided instead of spending $25-$30 for each pedicure, I will invest on good quality nail polishes. I'm loving my new sets of ESSIE's that I got from ULTA.

4. I am debating to purchase a steam iron or not.. pros/cons? Thank God for those wrinkle-free pants but when it comes to 100% cotton and linen (read: summer); I can't avoid ironing from time to time. What's your take on this? Do you think this is practical? or do you think I'm just a lazy bum? LOL!

5. I'm loving my new haircut. It gets better after a week and I still stand by my review on the Moroccan Oil. This stuff is amazing.

6. My 4-year old Revlon hairdyer has been making loud weird noises and I'm predicting that it will die very soon. I'm in search on a new hairdryer somewhere in the $30-$50 range. So far my pick is this one. The idea of retractable cord is always a plus to keep my bathroom less cluttered but on the downsize the hairdryer is heavier compared to others. Thoughts?

7. I think Karate Kid is overrated

8. Looks like everyone is having a ball going away for a vacay..I really need a vacation.. like for real! Don't ask me where, I just wanna get awayyyyyyyyyyyy!

9. Oh I just remembered. I finished my Clinique Turnaround Peel last weekend and I've been meaning to write a review on that. After going through 8 vials in 8 weeks, I must say that I don't really see significant improvement on my skin as the product claim it would. Each time I use the treatment, my skin would feel so soft like butter the next morning but that's about it! LOL.. so.. I don't think I would be re-purchasing this again for $55.

10. What's up with Ariel Peterpan man? he's so not cute!

Oldies are Goodies

What are your absolute precious moments in your life? Care to share?
These are my favorite photos that I always keep it in my back pocket.

Niagara Falls - circa 1991
Raphel Park, Perth, Australia - circa 1993
Rockefeller Center - 2000
Epcot Center - Disney World - circa 1991

Jakarta, Indonesia - 2001

Beach Weekend

So yeah, referring back to my recent post, I decided to go to Rehoboth Beach on a one-day trip.
We started the day rather early and head out down to the shore. We got there close to 11 am had a quick lunch and found a sweet parking spot right by the main street. The parking machine was broken thus it says "FREE PARKING". Since we're good people, we still tried to put some quarters to the machine which it didn't take. I guess free parking it is :)

We didn't take many pictures as we were kinda enjoying the beach our own way.

Sara's Airbrush Tattoo

My Airbrush Tattoo


The last time I posted this, I never got a chance to post some pictures in Borders Cafe. We got around to go back recently and of course this time I had to take pictures. Man, their fajitas are to die for!


Haircut with Saiko

Today is a very exciting day as I had my first a haircut since 6 months ago. I remembered that my last haircut was back in December 2009 right before new years day. In this sense, I like to keep my hair longer rather than shorter - I learned this the hard way. Although, long hair gets to a point that it needs some punch to it. So today, after going back and forth with the hairstylist's availability and mine we came into a good time this early evening.

This is my first time going to this Salon by Dominic. My close friends has been raving about her work as she is Asian and she has a better understanding on Asian hair texture and hair style. So I thought why not give it a try. The only issue that I always ran into is that, hairstylist normally assumed that my hair is naturally straight - nothing personal but 80% of the time Asian girls do have stick straight hair which is not my case. I have naturally thick wavy/curly hair and yes, in those hot humid days, it frizzes. That's why part of me always love the dry weather in the winter because that's when my hair looks best. Hairdryer and straightening iron are my best friends.

So anyways, I came to the salon and the place looks great, very professional, they offer me drinks while waiting - water, coffee, WINE?! huh?  Finally after a nice wash and comb, Saiko (the hairstylist) came over and begin her magic. Within 20-40 minutes I look awesome! HAHA!

In addition, she uses and recommend this MORROCAN OIL to my hair as part of my hair treatment as it's very dry and frizzy. She suggested me to not use hair dryer and iron for a while and just apply the oil on my damp hair after wash to leave it dry naturally. This oil does not leaves the hair heavy or leaves any residue - it keeps my hair soft and shiny with no frizz! It's worth giving it a shot, you'll thank me later.

$40 at

Head Over Heels

My current favorite heels that I've been wearing the past weeks...

Burnt Jewelery

Every girl would have her own taste in jewelery. I personally love jeweleries with a "burnt" look - matte finished and almost darkened in color. My favorite brands that carry these type of burnt look jewelery are Fossil, Kenneth Cole, and Lucky Jeans. Their jewelery designs combining with the leather and semi-precious stones are simple and have that raw-ness within the metal. *rave*

Quick peek at my day to day jewelery

Longwood Garden

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Taking advantage of the long weekend, we decided to check out Longwood Garden today to see their Lily Exhibition - Lilytopia. The weather was extremely HOT.. I was burning under the sun... but nonetheless, I thought I did pretty good with the pictures..

This one is my favorite

This reminds me of home .. Jasmine..

Hearty Chicken Soup

Last night we are craving for a soft food, so by that means it's a chicken soup kinda night.

After 2 cups of water and one hour later on the stove...

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