Haircut with Saiko

Today is a very exciting day as I had my first a haircut since 6 months ago. I remembered that my last haircut was back in December 2009 right before new years day. In this sense, I like to keep my hair longer rather than shorter - I learned this the hard way. Although, long hair gets to a point that it needs some punch to it. So today, after going back and forth with the hairstylist's availability and mine we came into a good time this early evening.

This is my first time going to this Salon by Dominic. My close friends has been raving about her work as she is Asian and she has a better understanding on Asian hair texture and hair style. So I thought why not give it a try. The only issue that I always ran into is that, hairstylist normally assumed that my hair is naturally straight - nothing personal but 80% of the time Asian girls do have stick straight hair which is not my case. I have naturally thick wavy/curly hair and yes, in those hot humid days, it frizzes. That's why part of me always love the dry weather in the winter because that's when my hair looks best. Hairdryer and straightening iron are my best friends.

So anyways, I came to the salon and the place looks great, very professional, they offer me drinks while waiting - water, coffee, WINE?! huh?  Finally after a nice wash and comb, Saiko (the hairstylist) came over and begin her magic. Within 20-40 minutes I look awesome! HAHA!

In addition, she uses and recommend this MORROCAN OIL to my hair as part of my hair treatment as it's very dry and frizzy. She suggested me to not use hair dryer and iron for a while and just apply the oil on my damp hair after wash to leave it dry naturally. This oil does not leaves the hair heavy or leaves any residue - it keeps my hair soft and shiny with no frizz! It's worth giving it a shot, you'll thank me later.

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