Okay.. so I think I had been underestimating my illness last week and it came full force this week. I was on large dose of antibiotics and dayquil/nyquil on hourly basis. YES! Today, I feel about 85% recovery which is alot better compared to the last few days. I thought, it wouldn't hurt to do a quick update.

1. At the beginning of the month I made a promise to myself to not shop for clothes, bags and shoes (apparel related items). As of today, I broke the rule twice but wisely - I made 2 purchases from Abercrombie and Forever 21 which totaled out to $10 all together on a cute tank and belt (read: sale). I can't justify it further than that.

2. I went to MAC yesterday to pick up some mineral powder and lipstick for my Mom and found out that half of their Beach Limited Collection that I was looking to buy for myself were sold out! -_-'

3. I decided instead of spending $25-$30 for each pedicure, I will invest on good quality nail polishes. I'm loving my new sets of ESSIE's that I got from ULTA.

4. I am debating to purchase a steam iron or not.. pros/cons? Thank God for those wrinkle-free pants but when it comes to 100% cotton and linen (read: summer); I can't avoid ironing from time to time. What's your take on this? Do you think this is practical? or do you think I'm just a lazy bum? LOL!

5. I'm loving my new haircut. It gets better after a week and I still stand by my review on the Moroccan Oil. This stuff is amazing.

6. My 4-year old Revlon hairdyer has been making loud weird noises and I'm predicting that it will die very soon. I'm in search on a new hairdryer somewhere in the $30-$50 range. So far my pick is this one. The idea of retractable cord is always a plus to keep my bathroom less cluttered but on the downsize the hairdryer is heavier compared to others. Thoughts?

7. I think Karate Kid is overrated

8. Looks like everyone is having a ball going away for a vacay..I really need a vacation.. like for real! Don't ask me where, I just wanna get awayyyyyyyyyyyy!

9. Oh I just remembered. I finished my Clinique Turnaround Peel last weekend and I've been meaning to write a review on that. After going through 8 vials in 8 weeks, I must say that I don't really see significant improvement on my skin as the product claim it would. Each time I use the treatment, my skin would feel so soft like butter the next morning but that's about it! LOL.. so.. I don't think I would be re-purchasing this again for $55.

10. What's up with Ariel Peterpan man? he's so not cute!

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