Rejang Dewa

Every year, Swarthmore College has been inviting ICC to do collaborations with their Gamelan performances in their music and dance department. And we are proud and happy to accommodate them with our dancers to dance along their Gamelan Music Team - Gamelan Semara Santi.

This spring, I decided to participate in the program and I was assigned to perform one of the sacred Balinese dance called Rejang Dewa with seven other dancers. The program lasted for about 45 minutes that includes 3 dances - Rejang Dewa, Puspanjali and Oleg plus several musical pieces in between.

The full video is currently posted on Facebook.

We got some serious make up for this performance.

Sinta and Anik rocking Oleg for a good 15 minutes

Our handmade head piece

The ICC Team

Well Being

My health conscious boyfriend who had been a long-time GNC fan bought me this GNC WELLbeING® be-WHOLESOME™ - Health & Beauty Vitapak® on Monday. He claims that I am weak and need some energy booster to feel better.

Daily Pak Includes:
  • be-WHOLE™ - Multivitamin & mineral
  • be-BEAUTIFUL™ - Hair, skin & nail formula
  • be-FLEXIBLE™ - Mobility & stretch formula
  • be-PROTECTED - Triple strength fish oil
  • be-BALANCED™ - Bone strengthening formula

The vitamins contains 8 (YES, EIGHT!) pills a day pack that I have to take daily. I am having trouble taking my ONE A DAY WOMEN'S pill everyday, and now I have to take 8 pills. Wawaviva!

So I'm on my day 2 on this vitamins and I'm eager to see how it will impact my body at the end of 30 day.

Clinique Turnaround Peel

I have read many good raves about this peel from Clinique that I just had to pick it up last week at Macy's when they had this gift promo for spending $21.50 worth of products. This peel claim to brighter your skin within 8 weeks. It contains of 8 vials for a weekly application along with a calming cream to apply afterward as a moisturizer. I have high hopes for this peel to eliminate my dark spots on my face at the end of the 8th week. I will post another follow up in 8 weeks.. Taa taaa..

Fitri's Birthday

Today is actually my first lay-low Saturday since the beginning of the year. I completely did nothing in the morning and stay lazy till late afternoon. Despite the laziness, today is Fitri's birthday, and I decided to taker her out for dinner. So I ready myself and head to Potstickers for dinner.

The restaurant has this asian ambiance with a lounge-y feel to it. Apparently, Christina happened to be working that night and she was kind enough to slip in a free cake for the birthday girl. We ordered Peking Duck for entree and Alaskan Crab California Roll for appetizer. We were stuffed!

Happy Birthday Fitri :)

Date Night

Date night. This movie is one of the funniest movie I watched so far this year. It was hilarious!!
Tina Fey and Steve Carell did a great job. I still laugh whenever I think about this movie.. :P

Look at that guy's pack!! LOL!

The City / The Hills

I've been a loyal audience to these two shows in the past year. I didnt really followed Laguna Beach, but somehow I was withdrawn to The Hills since early last year. The drama, stories, clothes, people.. so entertaining. The new season(s) of The Hills and The City will both aired on April 27th at 10 and 10.30 pm EST on MTV.

I just watched a quick trailer from The Hills, note that this is post Heidi insane surgical procedures that she had on her face and body. Yeah, I think she did 10 procedures on one take. Look at her face, she looks like a monster... I can't even like look at her anymore.. man she used to be so cute and pretty.. even without makeup. She needs to get away from Spencer for real.. that guy made her do crazy stuff... HEIDI 3.0 !

Now let's move on to The City. I've been a big fan of Whitney Port. I think she's awfully sweet and her looks always look effortless. Also, I'm looking forward to see how Olivia will come down in Elle. I think she's fabricated.


A good friend of mine - Hansen - had taught me how to make Okonomiyaki years ago. Which I never mastered it all the way. But last week I was craving for it and Hansen was on his cruise to Bahamas. I encouraged myself to go to the Asian store to grab some ingredients for the dish.
Here goes:

  1. Measure a cup of already made asian pancake flour with a measuring cup.
  2. Mix flour with 3/4 cup of water in a medium size bowl - mix well.
  3. Chop 1 cup worth of green cabbage.
  4. Mix the cabbage with the flour mix.
  5. Ready any seafood and/or meat of desired. Thaw them if necessary.
  6. Sauteed the seafood and/meat in a pan with 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil till half cooked.
  7. Add the cabbage & flour mix on top of the meat in the pan with a low temperature. Use lid to cover the pan for 5 minutes until the pancake is completely cooked.
  8. Place the pancake to a flat plate and begin adding the Japanese mayonnaise and the Okonomiyaki sauce all over the surface.
  9. ENJOY for 2 servings.

What to expect vs. reality?

In the event where you had some expectations towards someone(s) and it didn’t turn true in reality, what would you get? Disappointment.

It’s natural for people to have certain level of expectations within the relationship though most cases, those unfulfilled expectations are the ones that would kill the relationship itself. So how do you set the bar? Only you would know.

Balance is key. Any surplus or deficit towards fulfillment and expectations would only lead to disappointment. You need to keep your reality in check.

Angus Burger

After 6-8 servings in the past 2 months, I felt obligated to write this amazing Swiss and Mushroom Angus Burger from Mc Donald. After all, junk food is junk food. Although, I felt differently about this burger. They are amazing. If you have a chance one of these days, try to stop by at Mc Donald and order their Angus Burger. For me, it'll be just the sandwich and (maybe) a small fries with cup of water. Never get the meal, they're monstrous which led to obesity. So stick with the sandwich only for your own sake.

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