The City / The Hills

I've been a loyal audience to these two shows in the past year. I didnt really followed Laguna Beach, but somehow I was withdrawn to The Hills since early last year. The drama, stories, clothes, people.. so entertaining. The new season(s) of The Hills and The City will both aired on April 27th at 10 and 10.30 pm EST on MTV.

I just watched a quick trailer from The Hills, note that this is post Heidi insane surgical procedures that she had on her face and body. Yeah, I think she did 10 procedures on one take. Look at her face, she looks like a monster... I can't even like look at her anymore.. man she used to be so cute and pretty.. even without makeup. She needs to get away from Spencer for real.. that guy made her do crazy stuff... HEIDI 3.0 !

Now let's move on to The City. I've been a big fan of Whitney Port. I think she's awfully sweet and her looks always look effortless. Also, I'm looking forward to see how Olivia will come down in Elle. I think she's fabricated.

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