Well Being

My health conscious boyfriend who had been a long-time GNC fan bought me this GNC WELLbeING® be-WHOLESOME™ - Health & Beauty Vitapak® on Monday. He claims that I am weak and need some energy booster to feel better.

Daily Pak Includes:
  • be-WHOLE™ - Multivitamin & mineral
  • be-BEAUTIFUL™ - Hair, skin & nail formula
  • be-FLEXIBLE™ - Mobility & stretch formula
  • be-PROTECTED - Triple strength fish oil
  • be-BALANCED™ - Bone strengthening formula

The vitamins contains 8 (YES, EIGHT!) pills a day pack that I have to take daily. I am having trouble taking my ONE A DAY WOMEN'S pill everyday, and now I have to take 8 pills. Wawaviva!

So I'm on my day 2 on this vitamins and I'm eager to see how it will impact my body at the end of 30 day.

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