Rejang Dewa

Every year, Swarthmore College has been inviting ICC to do collaborations with their Gamelan performances in their music and dance department. And we are proud and happy to accommodate them with our dancers to dance along their Gamelan Music Team - Gamelan Semara Santi.

This spring, I decided to participate in the program and I was assigned to perform one of the sacred Balinese dance called Rejang Dewa with seven other dancers. The program lasted for about 45 minutes that includes 3 dances - Rejang Dewa, Puspanjali and Oleg plus several musical pieces in between.

The full video is currently posted on Facebook.

We got some serious make up for this performance.

Sinta and Anik rocking Oleg for a good 15 minutes

Our handmade head piece

The ICC Team

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