Olsen Fall Personal Favorite

How can you  go wrong with this look.. Classic!

On a side note, checkout  both twins on Ellen Show last month... hilarious!

Syracuse & Ithaca

Our last day on the trip was spent between Syracuse and Ithaca, NY. We went to see family friends and they took us for a quick tour to Syracuse University in Syracuse and Cornell University in Ithaca.
We also had lunch at the local Farmer's Market in Ithaca which is located by the lake with decks for visitors to sit. Again, the weather was pleasant for us to stay outdoor and enjoy our food by the lake.

Niagara Falls

After a night in Rochester, we head up to Buffalo, NY to see the Niagara Falls. The weather was perfect and the sun finally came out around noon. We also went to ride the boat to get into the middle of the waterfalls. All in all this was the highlight of the entire trip. Proof:

Corning Museum of Glass

The first real stop that we made on the NY trip was at Corning, NY. They have a famous glass museum in the area and we managed to get there an hour before the museum closes. We got into the last show of the day which was the "hot glass show". The show basically gives a demo to the audience on how they mold/make glassware from scratch. It's pretty interesting. But the area which I enjoyed the most was the Contemporary Glass Gallery.
I took some snap shots on my favorite items.

Upstate New York Voyage

For those who did not know, I had taken Friday off and went on a road-trip to Upstate New York for the long weekend. My uncle and aunt had invited me weeks ago to go on this trip together exploring the "fall scenery" in the country side. We made two pit stops and many detours through out the trip that brings us to the tip of Canadian border line at Niagara Falls. The Niagara Falls visit happened because my aunt wanted me to re-visit this place to remind me what was like 18 years ago. Yes, the last time I came to Niagara Falls is when I was 7 years old.

The view of the hills and the changing color trees was breathtaking and I never been to so many waterfalls in one trip in my life. We also visited Syracuse University and Cornell University campuses along the way. Both campuses were very nice and open with many "old-age" stone-made buildings compared to University of Delaware.

Here's a quick glimpse of the initial trip when we stopped somewhere in PA right before the NY border.

More pictures to come on the next several posts.

Kat Von D Make-Up Line

Kat Von D is my new favorite from Sephora. Despite her negative media, her product line is simply amazing..

Fall Effect

The temperature is dropping, the wind chill starts to kick in, leggings and north face fleece are out from the closet. Fall is here. What's your favorite thing to do in this kind of weather? Mine would be going to coffee shops and spending time with a nice cup of coffee and a slice of cinnamon coffee cake. I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts.

Fusion Highlights

Few days ago (read: the weekend), I had my hair done in one of the salon in Wilmington. I've been an avid member of Livingsocial recently and I have to admit they do have awesome deals on a daily basis. Subsequently I came across this salon called Fusion Salon from Livingsocial weeks ago and they were offering a package of wash, cut, color and style for a steal. Anxiously, I made the appointment for Saturday morning to do all that.

The hairstylist, Christine, suggested me to take a subtle coffee color base with caramel highlights. Not knowing what I'm doing, I just told her "Ok, I trust you" LOL. Frankly, this is my first time having my hair colored professionally. 2.5 hours later, everything was finished and ta--daaa...

Can you see it? Is it too subtle? Click on the picture to get a larger view.

Greed is Good

I'm just glad that the weekend had finally arrived. Seriously. The week has been pretty rough and I was anxious to embrace the weekend. On Saturday, I finally get around to see the movie "Wall Street. Money Never Sleeps". If you have not seen it, please do. The movie is really good. Michael Douglas and Shia Labeouf did an awesome job in the movie. It's definitely worth your $10.

Separately we also went to this Chinese restaurant called Yi Palace in Wilmington on Saturday. We came here several times previously and the food never fail us. It's so good and delicious. This time we ordered two dishes to share. The first one came from the Chef's Suggestions list which was Chicken with Hot Dry Pepper and the second one was Mongolian Beef (LOL!). Turns out the chicken dish was better than expected. The dry hot pepper combined with the crispy chicken and garlic were just such a good combination. Oh I'm drooling now.


Today we went to explore Manayunk, located in North Philly. This are has a unique steeps and hills with some ancient style houses.

Joke of the Day

Some asked what's Jakarta like? I found the best picture that can describe the actual condition in Jakarta. Enjoy!
Comments are welcomed :P

Asian Persuasion

On Saturday, we were celebrating Digo's birthday that we had been postponing for a while due to our busy schedules. Though not everybody were able to make it, a good portion of us were able to spare the time to go on this luncheon at PF Chang's in West Chester. All of us came hungry and we were ordering food and dessert like crazy. LOL. What a true Indonesian.. I can't wait to come back to this restaurant again.


Wakely Scent

After weeks of searching, I finally settled with a perfume I like. Not the typical perfume brand name but I really like the simplicity and sweetness of this scent.. Wakely from Abercrombie and Fitch. :)

What's in my Closet - Shoes

Apart from clothes, shoes is a vital role within a wardrobe. But how do you store them? I've seen people use those shoes storage attached to a back of a door. I tried them - not a big fan. Another way is to store them in a plastic container individually and attaching the shoe pic on the side of each container. To me that's just way too much work. HAHA.

Due to limited space, I have to separate my shoe storage into 3 areas. Yes 3! One is outside of my closet for those shoes I wear the most. Mostly these are work shoes/sandals and flip flops for the weekends.
The second area is inside my closet. This rack is an extended area from the first one. I store my sneakers here and few others that I don't wear as much as the first. And lastly, the upper storage rack. LOL. These are mostly closed toe shoes as in boots for the fall and winter and the more fancier heels for special occasions.

How do you store yours?

It's Raining Man

Thursday, all day and night, the rain was pouring like there's no tomorrow. At some point last night, I can see the parking lot in my apartment complex was drench with water. You can literally hydroplane if you tried driving on the lot. Power outage happened in the office for a couple hours at noon that forces us to get out of the building for a while and I also heard few of my friends's basement house were flooded by the water. I guess it's time for some wet vacuum and some major cleaning for them. :)

On a positive note, I love the feeling after the rain. Everything seems so calm and soothing. So nice!

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