Greed is Good

I'm just glad that the weekend had finally arrived. Seriously. The week has been pretty rough and I was anxious to embrace the weekend. On Saturday, I finally get around to see the movie "Wall Street. Money Never Sleeps". If you have not seen it, please do. The movie is really good. Michael Douglas and Shia Labeouf did an awesome job in the movie. It's definitely worth your $10.

Separately we also went to this Chinese restaurant called Yi Palace in Wilmington on Saturday. We came here several times previously and the food never fail us. It's so good and delicious. This time we ordered two dishes to share. The first one came from the Chef's Suggestions list which was Chicken with Hot Dry Pepper and the second one was Mongolian Beef (LOL!). Turns out the chicken dish was better than expected. The dry hot pepper combined with the crispy chicken and garlic were just such a good combination. Oh I'm drooling now.

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