What's in my Closet - Shoes

Apart from clothes, shoes is a vital role within a wardrobe. But how do you store them? I've seen people use those shoes storage attached to a back of a door. I tried them - not a big fan. Another way is to store them in a plastic container individually and attaching the shoe pic on the side of each container. To me that's just way too much work. HAHA.

Due to limited space, I have to separate my shoe storage into 3 areas. Yes 3! One is outside of my closet for those shoes I wear the most. Mostly these are work shoes/sandals and flip flops for the weekends.
The second area is inside my closet. This rack is an extended area from the first one. I store my sneakers here and few others that I don't wear as much as the first. And lastly, the upper storage rack. LOL. These are mostly closed toe shoes as in boots for the fall and winter and the more fancier heels for special occasions.

How do you store yours?

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