Ever since I was introduced to Tangysweet Yogurt Bar a year ago in Washington DC through a group of friends in the area, I’ve been somewhat addicted and obsessed with Frozen Yogurt. Not only the taste but the texture and choices of toppings that are fresh and uhmmm “healthier” compared to other desserts. It's a great alternative especially during those summer nights – I would skip desserts in those fancy restaurants and kept the check in tack and go for a frozen yogurt instead.

Within a year, I spotted quite a number of other Fro-Yo joints around the area. But by far, Pinkberry is the tastiest. Now, the thing with Pinkberry is, the frozen yogurt don’t feel like it's frozen – the texture is so smooth and milky. Yogiberry on the other hand, their yogurt felt like icy that it breaks in your mouth – not a good way. Few weeks ago I came back to Pinkberry in New York and tried their “tropical” yogurt with mochi and blueberry toppings. DELISH! This is my favorite as of now. Another place that I would recommend is Iceberry which is located in Georgetown in DC. They’re great also – very close to Pinkberry.

One last joint that I’ve wanted to try but had always changed my mind to Pinkberry is Red Mango. Those two are in a tight competition. Maybe one of these days when I’m in New York, I’ll promise myself to try it. Two other ones I have to try in DC are Sweetgreen and Mr. Yogato -- heard raves about the two places as well.

I’m weeks before my trip to Indonesia and I have heard good things about this yogurt place called Sour Sally in Jakarta. A friend who went to Indonesia over the summer told me that the taste is very close to Pinkberry. Also, they have this donut place that happens to sell frozen yogurt too named J.Co. So the two places are on “must go” place on my list. I will do a follow up post on this when I came back from my trip.

Ahhh so good...

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