What's Your Halloween Costume?

What are you for Halloween this year?

To say the least, my halloween experience was not as festive as it was last year. Instead of buying a new set of costume, I decided to take my authentic Yukata to dress up as as a Geisha. Nothing is new other than my false eye lashes LOL! The two hair pieces I had was from H&M that I got years ago and a REAL wooden chopstick that I took from my kitchen. :P

I was debating if I wanted to go for the pale Geisha makeup thing, but I thought it was way too much hassle so I decided not to go overboard and keep it "normal". I checked out some YouTube tutorial videos for makeup and hair and wha laaa.. here goes nothing..



dut dut said...

oh wow duttie...

redwhitebride said...

nice yukata! i thought of wearing one of my 5 yukatas, but party got cancelled. lol bummer.

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