Into the Blue

Recently, me and my bf went to see one of our very good friend at her new place. She had moved to this new condo for many months but this is actually our first time visiting her there. Later she said that her Mom (from Ecuador) had left me some gifts before she went back to Ecuador since we didn't get a chance to see each other again. I remembered they had invited me to a get-together before her mom left but I was so busy I couldn't make it.  Wanna see the gifts?

Not one, not two, but 5 earrings AND a necklace. They know blue is my favorite color and her mom made them so nicely.. I was out of words.. and yes, she MADE them. I guess Christmas comes early this year for me.. HAHA.. no more jewelery shopping for this year (at least, that's what HE said!). :D

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