New Layout

Orite, new year, new lay out, how do you like it?

I think it's pretty awesome. First of all it's blue - my favorite color. Second of all, it has more space so I can write more. I added a tag board on the side - this will serve the comments that typically embedded on each post.

The dance classes had started 2 weeks ago - which is great! This is actually my only source of exercise for the past year. BUT, this year, I joined YMCA AGAIN! yes AGAIN! And hopefully, my membership will last longer than the last time and that I actually GO and WORK OUT! I feel so weak lately that I barely can do anything. I feel sleepy and tired constantly. Besides, this leaves me with plenty of time to lose that love handles that I earn over the winter. :P

All in all, I'm excited with my next Balinese dance performance in April. Since taking a long hiatus from Balinese, I gathered my courage to do this once again. The dance itself is called REJANG DEWA. It's a beautiful Balinese dance that usually being performed inside of the temple. Very enchanting!

Wish me luck!

Rejang Dewa Dancers in Bali

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