The Wedding Photographer

Before I post my monthly update on the wedding prep, I wanted to share some stuff surrounding wedding photographer. Fiancee and I went through several photographers for quite sometimes and finally made peace and settled to one that we thought suits us the most. Both fiancee and I are very picky when it comes to "still documentation" - we look at everything (tone, composition, style, & lighting).

Here are the steps and tips we took to find the right photographer for our wedding:

  • Know what you like or don't like. At the beginning of the photog search, I have no idea what I want from the photog, but fortunately I do know what I dont like, so it kinda helped me filter out the photogs that fits that criteria.

  • Look through their portfolio several times. Most of the time their website will have a "wow" factor which makes you feel "oh yeah this is the one" every single time. But be cautious and don't make hasty decisions. Relook.

  • Email them for their price list. Once you're comfortable with their portfolio, contact them for their catalog or price list. I honestly dislike wasting time, so if I know the photog is way out of budget, then I would cross it out and look for another.

  • Meet-up. When the price is right, check if your wedding date is still available with the photog and schedule for a meet-up. Meeting the photographer is the most important part prior to settling. You need to get the chemistry with the photog whether he/she understands what you want and what is expected to be delivered from the photographer.

  • Negotiate. Often times, photographers are open to negotiation on a case by case basis. In my case, I requested custom quotation from them since the packages that they offer on the catalog don't fit what I need.

After thorough and endless research we finally narrow down to these four of our favorite photographers below:



Bernardo Pictura


Lumia Wedding


David Christover


If any of you would like their catalog and price list for their service packages, please feel free to comment/email me.


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