Bali Trip to Sanur


Last week my whole (extended) family flew in to Bali to celebrate my cousin's wedding reception in Sanur area. We stayed in Sanur for 4 days. It was really nice to be able to reconnect with my cousins, aunts, uncles and the elders since we don't get to do that in Jakarta even when we live in the same city. In a different scenery by the beach, we enjoyed the sunrise while catching up with them.


My cousin (the groom) married his Korean wife in Kobe, Japan mid December of last year. So now they're here in Bali to celebrate with the rest of big family.



We stayed in this new swanky boutique hotel called Maison Aurelia. Hubs really loved the British classic interior in our rooms so much he said that he wanted to remodelled our bedroom and bathroom at home. Of course we're not gonna do that LOL. The rooms were super homey given the separated living room that is connecting the two bedrooms - Magnolia Suite.



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We spent most of our days chillin in the hotel. We visited Bali many times, but this time Bali was super hot during the day. The heat was just overwhelming that it's hard to do anything outside.



We managed to grab lunch in the Cafe Moka in Seminyak after buying some souvenirs in Krishna. The review said they have one of the best pastries (croissants) bad sadly I wasn't even that hungry when we were there because of the heat.


The highlight of our trip was trying out Gelato shops nearby our hotel. Our favorite had to be the Massimo Gelato, which is quite famous (recommended by one of the restaurant waiter when we had seafood dinner by the beach). You can tell by the long line even until late night. img_6806img_6800

And last but not least, we spend our last evening walking by the beach together...



littlemissindri said...

i liked all the pics....really capture how's bali ambience, love and cozy holiday mood.
The hotel really well design, i heart the terracotta wall and their ethnic couch pillows.
Btw, congratulations for your cousin!

3soeponos said...

Thanks for the comment! The hotel is truly the highlight of the entire trip :)

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