I'm Back

It's been over 2 weeks since my last post. I was really busy at some point, then got sick (damn the flu epidemic) and then after the long break I kinda become less and less inspired. I have to force myself to write this blog and I hope this will somehow trigger the blogging inspiration to a kick. But yeah I'm here and still alive!

So what's new?

1. I've been hooked with the new season of Celebrity Apprentice. They're on every Sunday night on E!
2. I am thinking to open a twitter account but my chosen and obvious username "sariasoy" has been taken. So any ideas or input of a username is wide open.
3. Lost 6 lbs since mid February by eating healthy - whole grain, greens, oatmeal, fruits and lots of water
4. Bought a bunch of foot petals and ended up with a new set of wearable spring heels ready to rock very soon! I had put them a side for sometime since they're very painful to walk in. Foot Petals are definitely a closet saver. Worth every penny.
5. Did you see that UCLA girl talking crap about Asians? 0__0
7.Happy that all of my friends in Japan are okay.
8. I want/need (i don't know which one) but I definitely is craving for the Canon - 50mm f/1.4 EF. Somebody help me!
9. Smurf Village is still my number one favorite iPod game. I'm in level 19 now! :D
10. Last but not least, I'm glad that Spring is almost here!


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