The Holy Grail Skincare Routine


When I finally moved back to Indonesia 2 years ago, my skin had a hard time adapting the hot and humid weather. I had rashes, redness, oiliness, and acne due to the sweating and clogged pores. Don't get me wrong, I never had great skin to begin with ever since puberty kicked in, but this phase of adjustment was bad and I decided to see a dermatologist for treatment in Jakarta. The derm examined my skin and recommended me a number of products to try (some are over the counter and some are by subscriptions), but what had stuck with me for the past 2 years are these three that kept my skin on point.

1. Obagi Nu Derm Foaming Gel

First of all this bottle is huge! At 300ml (4.7 oz), it usually lasts me for about 2-3 months time with regular twice a day wash in the morning and evening. It leaves my skin clean without irritation. I'm on my 6th bottle now and have no plan of changing to any other cleanser. My true HG. I recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin.

2. Balatone Calming Toner PH Balancer (AM)

Next, this toner is paired with the facial foam. I use this after washing my face in the AM. The toner is applied directly to my face with a cotton pad in an outward motion. It calms the skin and leaves my face soft and smooth ready to start my morning make-up routine.

3. Obagi Cleanziderm Pore Therapy (PM)

This second toner is also paired with the facial foam for the evening. The same application concept with the Balatone toner, but works more as an overnight treatment to clear out any clogged pores or acne. It contains 2% Salycylic Acid to unclog dirt, oil and make-up applied during the day and leaves the skin clean and treated.

I had been using these three products religiously and I have to say that my skin has been the best it has been in years. Note that this is coming from a girl who has battling with acne since the age of 13. At some point in time back then I can't even remember when I ever had good skin. It was a sad time but I had put all that bad memories behind me and embrace the my new skin.

For all of you battling with acne, I would very much suggest you to go to a dermatologist. Each person have different case of acne and it's not a simple treatment process as the media would claim by using over-the-counter acne products. Trust me, only the right product and treatment will clear your skin.

Hope this helps!



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