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Due to limited space in my new apartment, I had to use the pantry as part of my closet to store my clothes. Sucks but yes it works! As much as I had donated several boxes worth of clothes,bags and shoes, I still have a lot of them. Surprised? Not really!

To begin this closet journey, let me start with my bag collection. No, I don't have brand names hand bags and yes, out of the "not-so-many" bags, only few that I wear on a regular basis. Mostly due to practicality, size and color. These are my top 5 to-go bags that never fail.

1. Black Satchel Bag from Charles and Keith
I was introduced to this brand by my Mom when we were travelling to Singapore last year. My thought was, the design and material match the price tag - very good business model and marketing approach. After the trip, I became inseparable with this bag and and stuck with it for the entire past Winter. 

2. Brown Satchel Bag from H&M
From time to time H&M does make classic style handbags such as this one. I had this for years and it never worn me out. Durable and cheap (I swear I got this for under $30). Also, in numerous occasions, I had receive many complements on this bag and (for some reason) was mistakenly taken as one of those Brown Cole Haan bag. I don't know which one as I never own Cole Haan bags in my life. But yes, I think this H&M bag is a winner. 

3. White Hobo Bag from Lucky Brand
Perhaps I had mentioned this before but, this bag is probably the most expensive bag that I own thus far. So what's the story behind the bag? I like it because the leather is so soft. All Lucky Brand handbags have the softest leather ever! This was priced few hundred dollars at the time and my Mom kindly got it for me for my birthday! Fufufufufu.. 

4. Brown Rattan Tote from Bali
I got this handmade rattan tote from the local crafter in Tanah Lot, Bali. At the time of purchase, I liked the design as it was very simple and the brown color was dark enough to go with many of my clothes. Recently, my office had required me to bring a laptop everyday to work and this bag is perfect to do just that. 

5. Dark/Light Brown Combo Rattan Bag from Bali
Per my previous post here, this bag has been my only bag this summer. It's durable and I love the design - very chic. At least that's what I think. :P Yes, this is another hand made bag from Bali. I forgot if I got both from the same store - but I doubt it. 

You don't have to break the bank to be in style. Having designer brand name goods are awesome but don't treat it as a necessity. Enjoy with what you can afford! Adios!

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