Williamsburg VA - Day 1 - Busch Garden

Per my previous post here, the past weekend I went to Williamsburg, VA. We left in the early evening on Friday and got there close to midnight due to heavy traffic from DC area towards Richmond. 
GPS check, radar check! We are ready to roll..
On Saturday, we are scheduled to go to Busch Garden which was minutes away from the hotel where we stayed. 
To be frank, I'm not a good sports of roller coasters but apparently my friends are! So I have to suck it in and begin my nightmare with this bad boy called Griffon. Not to mentioned that all of us were on the front seat! I'm so proud of myself though I thought I was going to DIE!

Deadly Griffon
I did IT!!
 The day went by quickly as we starting to feel hungry towards noon. We decided to have lunch in Germany at Oktoberfest to have some good ol German food (sausages?).

Janet and I inside the Festhaus
After all the rides, we also went to some arcade games area where Tam scored on this huge Piplub for first prize. LOL! After this, he had to carry and take the doll with him everywhere, including all the wet rides! LOL

And lastly.... look,  the dinosaur eggs match my dress! WHAT? Unbelievable.

To end the night, we had some mah-jor seafood fest at Captain George's!

That's it! Hope you enjoyed the pictures.. :)

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Kazusa said...

Hey! Sari!

Looks like you had good time~~

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