Williamsburg VA - Day 2 - Colonial Williamsburg

Continuing my post here on my trip to VA, on Day 2, Sunday, we went to Williamsburg Colonial for some historical "stuff"! We started the day early but the heat was already unbearable and it was draining us to walk towards the site. We literally had to stop every few blocks to get in to the gift shop just to cool us down with the AC. Yikes!
However, we scored to find this (French?) restaurant for brunch called Blue Talon Bistro. They had this "unique" water that they served called "Historical Tap Water". Why? I guess because the area is considered historical? Hence the water is "special"? LOL! Anyways, we all enjoyed our last meal of the trip and the mimosas and cocktails are pouring down. I got a bit dizzy when we head out of the restaurant.. but it was all good.

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