Hardena Treat

As you know, I was in Philly last weekend. Apart from dining to different restaurants in the area, I was also invited for a home cook dinner at a friend's house - Mita. She offered me to have dinner at her bf's house in NJ (not too far from Philly) for some Soto Ayam. YUM. After dinner, I was telling her about my experience and commenting on the food in Indonesian Restaurant earlier in the day. She then mentioned this other Indonesian Restaurant not too far from the first called Hardena/Waroeng Surabaya. Yes, this is one of the hidden gem in South Philly.

This reminds me of my first time I went to this eatery place was back in December 2009. I planned to go to Philadelphia for some IKEA shopping and later met up with my cousin and her fiancee who drove down from New York. We were supposed to go to this really nice Vietnamese restaurant at Washington Ave but Reza (fiancee) was pushing us to go to this Hardena place for some hearty Indonesian food.

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Carry on, we ended up ordering so many things from the steam table behind the glass counter. The lady was so nice she helped us pick all the dishes and explained what it was. Each meal comes with rice and 3 items for $6. We also ordered "es cendol" and "es campur". At the end of the feast we ended up paying less than $40 and decided to give the extra $10 for tip since we were so satisfied with the food.

Man I'm hungry now!

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