Summer is officially over guys. Last night, I was so close to turn on the heat, but got into this denial mode and put on some socks instead. HA! Fall is here which only means it's safe to take out all my jacket - sweater collections! Yaay.. suedes are out, dark trousers are out, and all the greys are out.

If you're not ready to pack up your summer clothes, this is the perfect time to wear them as layers. Yes, Fall is all about layers ladies. Stack them up, cuff the sleeves up a bit and put that skinny belt over it. Here's some video that I found very helpful for ideas!

I'm heading to New York this evening for the weekend - spending the first taste of Fall among the concrete jungle. Hope you all have a great weekend. :)

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NESHA said...

you're definitely right, i'm not ready to give up my summer clothes yet!! and i'm most certainly not ready for the cold :(

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