Babe Walker - White Girl Problems


I don't even know where to start. After a long anticipated time waiting for this book to be released (I pre-order the book from Amazon), I finally get my hands on to this book last week. I finished the entire book over the weekend (288 pages!!). For those who knows me well, this is a major accomplishment since I hate reading books. I do and I do. But this book was so hard to put down as soon as you start reading it - I was hooked. A great satire for the upper class women these days.

The author, Babe Walker (I don't think this is her real name) wrote the book as-is with no sugar coated, fluff language. She is so honest and calling things as it is. I'm so obsessed everything about her. 

If you don't have anyone to be with or anything to do today (Valentine's Day), do yourself a favor and order this book and thank me later.

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