The Change

Due to some recent changes in my life, I am going through another move-out to a new place. Change is always scary and stressful, but I'm actually looking forward to this one. Lots of packing to do and lots of purging to do. The great thing about moving is that you're pushed into a situation to make hard decisions to keep or purge your things. Keeping only the essentials, and the other stuff out. Btw, do you know that show "Hoarding buried alive" ? I watched them several times, and believe me, each time I finished an episode I would look hard into my room and try to get rid of something. I'm so terrified after watching the show.

Anyways, I will be very busy in the next 4-6 weeks thus the less blog post for a while. I started the packing and purging phase last week, but it's challenging to do that when you don't know where you're moving yet. Finding a new home is not easy, but I'm confident that I will settle to a good place eventually.

In the meantime, here's from my iPhone photo stream as of late. If you know me well, you know that it'll be more food pictures than anything else... :D

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redwhitebride said...

so it's gonna be a "life event" on your facebook timeline :) are you moving within DE or elsewhere?

Fash Boulevard said...

adore your blog, love. totally following. if you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out mine. xo
Small town girl takes on the LA fashion scene.

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