It's hard to say good bye!

Today, my favorite straightening iron broke! After 4 years being non-stop savior, it finally died. Rest in peace my beloved Sedu! You made my days better for all those bad-hair day! What bad hair day???

After a panic attack in the morning getting ready for the office, I finally accepted the fact that I'll be going to work with my hair down without straightening them. Luckily most of the people in the office had an off-site meeting the whole day and my 1 pm meeting was postponed until tomorrow. So I managed to avoid as many people in the office by keeping my head down. LOL!

After an hour long of searching through out the internet, I finally went to ULTA to pick up this precious one as a replacement. Getting myself back from work, I rushed to my apartment to try out my new iron, only to find my old one still plugged into the bathroom wall. Out of curiosity, I switched the power ON and the green light lite up!! OMG!! My dead iron came back ALIVE!

I was ecstatic and started to straightening my hair on the spot. I am definitely sending the new iron back to the store. I love my Sedu, and for those of you who is looking to buy a straightening iron, I recommend this one as an investment!! 4 years baby and still going strong..

Ulta is having a 20% off in-store and on their website until the end of the month. You can get this iron here and here

Good luck!

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