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It's currently 31F degrees and the snow just stopped falling. And yes, today is Friday. I survived the first week of January 2011 and can't wait for the weekend. What's new?

1. I joined Empowered Yoga in my town for a BNB (Brand New Beginner) Program of hot yoga. I think this is the best thing that I ever done in a while. I had 3 sessions this week and I felt so rejuvenated after completing each session. The program will end at the end of January and we'll see more result then and if I wanted to continue the membership.

2. It's been snowing twice since Xmas and I wonder how many more times would snow come to visit us until the end of the winter. I'm still debating whether I should buy a snow shovel while it's still in stock in the store.

3. My friend gave me this 20% off from Philosophy and I ended up using it for their Miracle Worker's treatment. It saved me $15 for the purchase. The package came 2 days ago and I have been so lazy touch it yet. Coz I know I would have to commit to this new treatment regime for at least a month once I open it. I'll keep you posted on the result but I had read lots of raves for this product so I'm feeling positive about it.

4. This morning I just found out that my electric bill has tripled for the month of December. Shocking! But eventually we realized that the utility company never deduct the previous month's pay from our bank account (we have autopay) so we're a little bit relieved but looking at the number again still shocking.

5. I'm TRYING to start including more veggie and fruits on my diet to balance out the big meals that eat everyday. I don't like to snack, so perhaps by cutting back a bit on my main course and replacing them with fruits would help to being the healthier me.

6. I'm looking to see if anyone would be interested to join me to attend the Ultra Music Festival 2011 in Miami on March 25th - 27th. The 3-Day General Admission is now selling for $179.95. The will go up as it gets closer to the date.

That's all folks

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